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Jun 8, 2015
Hi I am new to this, but I am trying to figure out what I have. I think it is Tactile Allodynia a form of Fibromyaligia, anyone familiar with this. It is spots about 2 to 3" wide, that burn especially when you or anything touches the sport, there is no rash, no swelling, no change in skin color what so ever. It makes you feel like a idiot when you tell anyone how much it burns because nothing there. I have had this come and go for maybe a year now. Usually it is just one spot at a time, but all on my right leg, from my foot to my thigh. 4 days ago it started on the left side, top of right foot, next day a bigger spot on the inside of my thigh, and the one on my foot eased up, the next day one on the left side of my shin, and the other two not so bad. Today another spot on the left side of shin higher up closer to knee. All 4 spots still tender but new one is worst then others. This is the first time I have had so many at one time and others aren't going away, just not as bad as when they first came on. I researched all day yesterday on internet and found many people that have the same thing but can't seem to get a diagnoises from doctors and have spent thousands on test. I don't have the money and plus my doctor still hasn't found the cause of a clicking in the front of my thigh on right leg that hurts when it makes this popping noise. I have had this for 5 yrs now, MRI, CAT scans, circulation test said my circulation wasn't the greatest but nothing to worry about. I first thought this burning was circulation problem but now not sure. I am 61 female, I went thru migraines all thr my 30's and that is what is one of contributing factors with Tactile Allodynia, migraines. Any input would be helpful, to confirm or unconfirm if I am on the right track.
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