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Apr 7, 2013
I am a firm believer in the dangers of tap water. I know people say that bottled water is just as bad. That might be the case, I am not a tech. However, When I had CFS and Fibro, going to bottled water made a change for the better for me. I lost a lot of the aches and pains that I had. I preferred distilled water to spring mineral waters.

I've also met people with migraines and told them to not only give up the wheat/diary and start into food rotation and immunotherapy, but also to start to realize how they felt after they drank their tap water, and then change to bottled waters. I don't care what big names, or scientists say, in a case like CFS/Fibro, you just want to get on your feet and get your life going. This worked for me.

There are many articles on the internet, here is just one to get you started in case you are interested:

Whatever CFS/Fibro is, it seems to affect people in different ways, so no one thing or method of treatment works for all, so it can't help to pass information on, as to what worked for you.
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We fitted a water filter system to our tap as I was convinced the added chloramine made my IBS worse.
I don't think buying bottled water is good for the environment or your pocket (do you know it works out more expensive than petrol) but a water filter to take out those added chemicals I think is the way to go.
Do you mean city water or well water. I have had both types depending on where we lived. Currently we have well water. I typically will buy bottled water to have as I go about my day. But I do use the tap water to make coffee and tea. As well as when I cook or boil for food. Now I wonder if it makes a difference that the water is being boiled or heated to a certain temperature.

I also I'm not sure about bottled waters safety level. I have heard alot of controversy and speculation about it. But I do feel safer drinking bottled water. I have never had any issues with the bottled water. I have however become ill from well water one time.
Libragirl - I think it'd depend on the quality of your well. City tap water can be scary stuff. It's "treated" but I've read that they're finding a disturbing amount of MEDICINES in it that don't get filtered out of what gets flushed down the toilet (both intentionally and as part of urine), in addition to the floride that they add to it. I don't know if tap filters filter this stuff out or not.
Whether you are on a well or city the filter you can get are extremely efficient at cleaning out all kinds of things. We have a 2 step filter. One is ceramic and filters any particle bigger than three microns. Thats enough to even filter out galardia(don't know if I said that right but the parasite that causes beaver fever) then in line after that is the charcoal filter that deals with the chlorines etc. You can even get another step that kills any living bacteria or parasites with U.V. ok it costs a few bucks to start with and you need to change the charcoal filter every six months but it still works out a he'll of a lot cheaper than bottled water and it's safe to drink and tastes good. People even use these systems to make lakewater safe for drinking.
I am big on using filters as well. Put one at the kitchen sink and also in the bathroon on the shower head. Being low income I could not go big bucks and get the best system, but something is better than nothing. I use tap water, with a filter and sometimes buy or go get spring water for drinking. The way the gas companies are doing that fracking business it makes me a bit worried about the natural spring waters we have always trusted to be safe. I guess when the water all turns bad we could start drinking wine. lol

This is something important to watch because this reusing all water from every source in the household does not seem to be to safe to me. Then with medications that have been flushed into the system I wonder if any water is truely safe. One can only hope some of it is.
I use a two step filter as well (plus the UV light). There has never been a problem with my family. Yes, the system is fairly simple and involves a ceramic filter plus a charcoal one. The ceramic part filters out bacteria and other microorganisms. The charcoal filters out heavy metals, chlorine and other chemicals. The addition of the UV is to further destroy any other harmful microbes that could have gotten through.
I am just now starting to research Fibro and CFS so that hopefully I'm able to help a close family member and two friends who are dealing with this. I have to say that until now I've never heard of a tap water connection, so I'm glad to have something else to research. I know that with every possible cause/cure that comes up, there are just as many views on the opposite side. It makes research and decisions very difficult, doesn't it?
WE have well water, and the well spits out a lot of dirt with the water. Not enough to make the water dirty , I mean its clear and looks like water, but if you fill a bucket or something with water there is always some dirt in the bottom. I buy jugs of water to drink. The filters always get clogged with dirt so they do not work so well for me. I'm sure there is a way to fix the well problem, but I don't have the finances to look into it right now.
I need to buy bottled water because a few family members have a problem with chlorine giving bad
stomach problems. I've never been fond of actually paying for water (what would our ancestors think?!)
but it's sure beats all the sick feelings that chlorine gives people who can't deal with it. Before we
moved here, we had well water and never a problem with it at all.
How about Alkaline Ionized drinking water? Have any of you heard this already? It is said to be very powerful in detoxifying the body. It has high pH that has a lot of benefits to the body. It also breaks up acid deposits that may be causing body pain, such as uric acid crystals that lead to gout. Some people with chronic pain are reportedly having faster relief just by drinking alkaline water. With the reported results and people being aware of the benefits of alkaline water, it has become their source of refreshment and hydration, and even use it in cooking.

My brother in law who has fibro also swears by it, but of course it does not completely eradicate his fibro condition. But at least, it is helping him cope with him.
I don't think anyone here has yet mentioned sodium fluoride. This has been linked to an increase in brittle bones and also fluorosis. I think fitting a tap filter system is a good idea, but it is important to make sure that fluoride is also filtered out (as most tap filters are incapable of this) because of the negative effects of sodium fluoride.
I drink bottled water and have for years. I grew up on well water and when I moved to the city and had their water I started having all sorts of intestinal problems. I am a firm believer that purified water is the best. Bottled spring water will disturb my system also, only distilled or reverse osmosis works for me.
How about Alkaline Ionized drinking water? Have any of you heard this already? It is said to be very powerful in detoxifying the body. It has high pH that has a lot of benefits to the body. It also breaks up acid deposits that may be causing body pain, such as uric acid crystals that lead to gout.

I haven't heard of this before now, no. How is it sold and how is it
found? Is it something that needs to be found in a health food store
like some of the specialty waters and other drinks? I have to admit
that I'm not really one to read labels on the water bottles... we buy
our favorite kind and stick to it, so maybe it's just in the regular water
aisle and I haven't seen it? :confused:
I've switched to bottled water and filtered water. I no longer drink water from the tap and feel much better these days. I feel less tired and my headaches have lessened to a point where I no longer have to take medication. Despite what my doctor says, I feel that it is the tap water, or rather the change to bottled and filtered water that caused the immense improvement to my health.
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