Diagnosing Fibro?

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Feb 12, 2013

I'm new to this forum. I wanted to know if anyone on this forum can help me to confirm whether or not I actually suffer from fibromyalgia. I've been from to specialist to specialist with no luck. For almost five years I've had seasonal related joint and bone pain and it gets worse with changes in weather (colder temperature, stress ) accompanied by seasonal allergies (sinitus), irritable bowel syndrome (bloating before and after meals). Blood tests all come back normal. Joint pain ranges from tolerable to unbearable. Painkillers and heat therapy just don't cut it.

Help, anyone? Thanks.
Hi beastly, it's so difficult to say, even doctors need to rule out a bunch of other, similar conditions (symptom-wise) before they can make an informed diagnosis. Have you been to the doctor and what do they say?
Hi Beastly, Have you been to a rheumatologist? This is the only type of doctor that knows how to diagnosis fibromyalgia. Having fibro, does not make us able to know if you have it, but if all tests are coming back normal there is a chance that you do. If your doctor's have ruled out other serious illnesses, that is good news even if it does not seem that way, because you don't know what is wrong. I think this is what is so hard, the fact something is wrong, but the doctors can not find it, and it gets really depressing after awhile dealing with having no answers. If you have not seen a rheumatologist, do so. Read around the forum and you will develop coping skills and get answers to questions you might not feel free asking anywhere else. We all deal with pain and depression, and most waited a longtime for their diagnosis and so we will be able to understand and help you along the way while you wait for your diagnosis. :)
This sounds more like arthritis with IBS... I'm no doctor though, obviously LOL However, I will tell you that every doctor I went to told me I had fibro until I had one actually do an MRI of my lumbar spine (which is where most of my pain is located) and tell me that it's arthritis for sure. Good luck in getting the help you need.
Thanks, 1sweed. Stress definitely triggers the pain.
I guess that's why they tell us to avoid pain. However, I can't seem to do that. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to avoid stress?
beastly, Your very welcome. If I can help in any way let me know. Feel free to message me if you like.

The trouble with illness that causes muscle and joint pain, can be hard to diagnosis without the proper tests. In my own experience my legs hurt so bad that I thought I had severe arthritis in my bones. But it turned out all the tests and X-rays were normal and the doctor explained, that it is the muscles and when we are stressed it tightens them up and they get so tight, they can not relax.

Check around the forum. I have made several posts on how best to relax muscles.

When I was younger I slammed my knee into the side of a boat trying to get out of it. I dislocated my knee cap. My leg swelled up and I was sure it was broken. It proved to be the knee cap had moved two inches higher then it was suppose to be. Once I found out what was wrong I went to phyical therapy for 6 weeks. On my last day their one of the girls said to me, "I bet your glad to be done and can go back to work now." I looked at her and smiled and said, "Go back to work, I never quit working." Her mouth dropped open, and she ask how I managed the pain. And I calmly told her, " I am in pain constantly, so this was no big deal." It did not hurt anymore than the fibro did. She was amazed.

But that's how I have dealt with fibro. I was afraid that if I stopped moving and working, I would never get going again. I cleaned houses for a living at that time. If I did not work, I had no money coming in.
Sometimes you think you have fibro but in fact you don't have, the best thing you can do is see a doctor near you and ask him all doubts you have, he will probably answer everything and make it clear for you, i hope you are healthy buddy, keep on!
Hi, sorry to hear you having so much pain. I endorse the advice you have been given. You need to see a Rheumatologist, and have a blood test specifically for ANA (anti nuclear antibodies). A Rheumatologist will confirm whether you have fibro or not by the following:

a. High level of ANA
b. Various points around the body (18 in all) will be excrutiatingly painful when the doctor places slight pressure on these points with a thumb. In a person who is not suffering symptoms, this will not be at all bothersome.

I am sure though that someone on this forum will be further information from experts.

IBS is certainly symptomatic of fibro, together with restless legs syndrome, poor sleep pattern, chronic fatigue and of course very painful muscles.

Best to seek expert, and I wish you lots of luck and good wishes.
You mentioned high levels of ANA, now I might be wrong on this but I was checked for high levels of ANA, and mine were normal. Generally high levels in this blood test means you might have lupus.

Not to say that you don't have fibro, but it is more likely you could have both. And lupus is a very serious illness. Be sure to ask your family doctor about this test result, as well as, your rheumatologist. Usually, other than the pain points and other symptoms, like sleep problems and fatigue, and etc.. all tests come back normal with fibro.

Hope you see the right type of doctor and get the diagnosis your trying so hard to find. Good Luck! :)
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