Fibromyalgia affecting sleep

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Janet L

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Jan 17, 2013
Thanks for setting up the new forum David. I'll start, and while I do like to keep things positive, I will say that I've had a bad day and it's affected my sleeping. I didn't get to sleep until after 3AM this morning, and now it's 10:00PM, and despite having slept all day, I'm exhausted and tired but know that because of my throbbing burning back, I'll probably have another rough night of "sleepless in Texas" :sad:

But! I'm not alone, I'm not the only one, and I'll endure and tomorrow will be better :)
Hello Janet

This has been a constant problem for me. It is very difficult to be efficient at work when we are awake all night and then want to sleep during the day. I have seen myself sleep till 3pm and only drag myself out of bed because of guilt. I am trying melatonin extra strength but it is not working. Tonight I am going to double dosage and see if that works at all. I like the fact that it is natural but if it does not work, what is the point?

Keep me posted and hope "sleeping in Texas" is your next post. Smiles to you.

Ugh I hate it when I can't sleep, too. It really has bad effects on the whole days I'm supposed to be awake! It definitely makes concentrating at work extra hard.
My lack of sleep was starting to get scary for me for I traveled 1.5 - 2 hours to work. I would often be up throughout the night in pain or not being able to get comfortable. Then that dreaded alarm goes off when you feel as though you just got to sleep. The lack of sleep compounded with the long drive also increased my pain levels (I think that was when things started to get worse for me as it is, when I started all this traveling). Unfortunately I have had to give up this job as a result. Which sucks, for I was finally utilizing my degree and quite enjoyed what I was doing, but it wasn't worth the risk of driving, and honestly if I am in too much pain and foggy brained due to the not sleeping, I wasn't really able to 'be at work' to the extent I should have been.
I think I've got used to running on less sleep. Anything more than four hours is a bloody good night.
My best hours sleep is usually that last hour when I'm supposed to get up! Lol
Sleep is a issue for me as well, some mornings at 4 I am still awake. With not resting enough this is worsening my condition, to the extent that I stay on the potty the whole day with a book, rather than running up and down.

I have a few things that are helping me at the moment. The first is a set routine, this helps your bodily clock to recognize when it is bed time. Secondly an hour before bed time I take a slow mag (magnesium supplement). This helps you to relax and sleep well. Thirdly, after eight in the evening I do nothing that forces me to think, like reading for instance, this allows your brain to slow down, and you would not be playing the last thought over and over in your head, or re-read the book in the back of your mind as you lie and wait for sleep.

I hope this helps a bit.
I had my nights when i don't sleep then trying to work i believe my supervisor is finally coming to relize i have fms
I can so so so so relate to all of you and the sleep thing. I am glad to find this forum, as most people just cannot understand us! I am about to lose a job I LOVE because of the no sleep thing. I use Ambien, Melatonin, Flexeril etc. and it is not doing it. I had some trigger point injections 2 weeks ago and have not slept more than 3 hours a night since, I've been pacing the floors with horrible restless leg stuff since the shots. Called my dr. several times, basically got told "tough crap", which made me mad after not sleeping for a week :evil:, now am on day 13 of no sleep and had to miss work due to it, during a very bad time for me to be missing work, but what do you do when you're completely wiped out? This will be the 5th job I think that I've had to leave due to fibro problems being too extreme. I bust myself up trying to just be able to at least work every day, then spend every evening and weekend unable to do things with my family or well, anything because I'm either too exhausted or in too much pain. But I can't stand not working because then I feel like I'm just a drain on my family. Where is the happy medium? :confused:
I would like to have some wonderful words of wisdom to pass on to all of you about curing lack of sleep, but alas, it has hit me this week as well. I think part of it was the scare that I had the first of the week, because of a time change that I did not know about and missed picking up a child at school on time. I was so scared and stressed, until I learned he was found and he was alright, but I was a nervous wreck. Monday night I could not sleep, and the last few nights I have layed staring at the clock till 4am.
So I would guess this sudden shock to my system has caused my sleepless nights, and my body is still trying to recover. I hope I get back to normal soon.
So today, I managed a fall in the snow and mud. Makes me wonder what else is in store for me. lol
On the contrary, I find sleeping very helpful in easing my body pains, migraine most especially. I used to just pop pain killer for my migraine but now that I want to stir away from drugs and pills for these may affect my liver, I have discovered that sleeping is an effective way in easing my migraine pains. For me, at least. I am sure it won't work for everybody, and your posts are proofs of that. But I just want to share that not everybody is having troubles sleeping in pain, and as a matter of fact, sleep has become my solace everytime I have pain attacks, migraine in particular.
I live on 4-5 hours of sleep on a good night but usually I am lucky to get 3. I can relate to the fatigue and feeling tired all the time. I get better sleep falling asleep watching tv or reading a book for 5-10 minutes than I do in bed. Exhaustion takes over and my body will shut down and I actually look forward to it! Unfortunately these unplanned naps have happened to me while driving and I find that staying awake while driving is a big problem for me sometimes. I bought a blue tooth and stay on the phone talking to friends and family the whole time I am on the road driving to keep myself from drifting off and to keep myself and the public safe, also so I don't forget where I am. I would come out of a fog to realize I didn't know where I was even though I was on a road I drive everyday, I thought I was going senile but now I know it is fibro fog.
Sorry to hear that. I can relate. I think it makes the day seem 48 hours long when you can't get any sleep. Then as it gets closer to the time the alarm is supposed to go off, the anxiety kicks in, making it even worse. Sometimes it's like you can't win, it hurts to sit up, it hurts to lay down...everything just hurts. What a sad reality.
I am still dealing with sleepless night or nights when I dream all night long and wake up wore out from all the exercise my brain has put me through all night. Last night I dreamed about getting taken home by devil worshipers and their house was full of pet rats and strange happenings. Then I went into another dream about fishing and then another dream about people I new years ago. Needless to say I woke up tired and in pain. I saw my doc and he gave me a slip for a sleeping pill. I sure hope it works because all this caring for and worrying about my mom has me a nervous wreck. I ask him for muscle relaxer for sleeping, but he refused to let me have those pills. I will have to see if they help or not.
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