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Apr 1, 2013
Hi. New here. I had a flare up on Friday March 29. I have had FM and CFS for 10 years. I thought I felt bad, but was in a car. Accident Apr 6/2012. These horrible flare ups started I Jan 2013. Now this weekend again. Can hardly walk, my balance is of, my headache is bad but the electric shocks in my headache it worse. My whole body is in pain even my scalp. I shake and feel like I'm freezing. How do I go to work like this. Exhausted
Welcome to the forum. Having been right where you are I know how discouraging it can be when the pain overwhelms you to the point that your so exhausted that the thought of work seems impossible. I often ended up sitting down at work wondering if I had the strength to finish my work. I would be totally exhausted with weak arms and legs, not a good thing when your a housekeeper. But somehow I would get finished and go home.

I would say try to rest as much as possible. Read the questions and answers here on the forum that deal with handling pain and muscle problems. Take to heart that here you are not alone and we will try and encourage you and help by answering your questions and posts. Anything that you ask the folks here will attempt to help or find the information you need. There is one question on the forum already that talks about the electric shock feelings in the head. Please keep coming back and reading, and trying some of the tips and ideas offered here. :)
I am so sorry you are having the worst of it right now. I do understand what it is like to have to get to work and feel awful. I know I have lost a job once do to this disease. I do not know what type of work you do. But I hope it is at least a sit down job. Is your employer patient with you. I really hope they are understanding of what you are going through. This is still something alot of people do not understand. I especially understand the freezing part lately. I have been feeling this pretty badly too. I do not know if you believe in prayers. But if you do I can pray for you.
I hope you are feeling much better. I am new to the forum and am right where you were when you posted this message. I start a new job tomorrow at 9am and I stumbled onto this site and joined tonight in hopes of finding some encouragement to get up and get going in the morning. I read your post and see it was a few days ago. The responses to your post were encouraging and compassionate as promised. Please respond and let me know how you are feeling. Thanks, onehope.
I believe in prayer libragirl67. I joined the forum tonight because I am searching for support. I start a new job tomorrow morning at 9am. Please pray for me. I am also praying for Jaylee55. I hope in a few days I will be able to post support for others. Tonight I need that support myself. Thanks, onehope.
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