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Feb 1, 2013
Hi folks,

My name is Rose. I've had fibro since childhood and I'm past 50 now. Initial health issues began after a bout of strep throat/tonsillitis which evolved into scarlet fever or rheumatic fever. Throughout my childhood, teen years and young adulthood I've been diagnosed with rheumatic fever, then rheumatoid arthritis, then depression, then fibrositis. I finally had a diagnoses from a rheumatologist in 1993 with fibromyalgia with an overlap of chronic fatigue and soft symptoms of lupus. With changing cities and doctors, I have fibromyalgia and migraines as the most prominent conditions. But I've also developed lichen sclerosis, hypertension, subclinical hypothyroidism, lumbar disk degeneration/scoliosis and bursitis in my hips.

I've lived on a roller coaster of good patches and rough patches. I've been through various drug regimes. I have allergies to sulfa and tricyclic compounds. I have bad reactions to motrin and cymbalta. I was on zopiclone for 11 years but have not been taking it since 2004.

In spite of 'health issues' I've raised 4 children (have 4 grandsons) and earned a BA in sociology as a mature student. I'm currently on medical leave from my masters degree program. I'm hoping to eventually get my thesis completed.

I'm looking forward to contributing to the group forum and learning from others who are on this life path with fibromyalgia. :)
Hi Rose, and welcome! It is great to have you here. You seem like such an inspiration for us all! :)
Hi Rose, I can relate to what you've written, it's very up and down. My rough patches have seen me having some dark days, but knowing I'm not the only one struggling, I try to remind myself to keep a positive attitude. It's definitely hard sometimes, as I catch myself having some negative thoughts, but with practice it does become a bit easier.

As for tonsillitis, this reminds me of this young man I saw on American Idol the other day, a routine operation left him with a speech impediment. Very sad, but then he's so inspiring I just had to share it here:

Welcome to the forum Rose, sounds like you have had a rough time of it. This fibro stuff can really mess up the hope of a good life, but like you most of us try to make the best of a bad situation by not complaining too much and devoting our attention on other things or people. But the pretending everything is all right all the time gets old. Fighting against depression is really hard. Dealing with non-believers just about breaks your heart. But we somehow through sheer determination get though each day, hoping tomarrow will be better. Looking forward to seeing you around the board and reading your posts.
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