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Feb 13, 2013
Hi everone I am very new to this I have never joined a group like this before. I Hope by doing this I can help others and you can help me. THis can be a very lonely illness. Although I have family and friends I don,t think they can really understand what its like.
I was told in 2001 that I had M.E which took along time to get dianosed. And two years after I was also having a lot of pains in most of my body they then said I also had fibromyalgia . It would be nice to hear from anyone who have been dianosed with both illness and how you cope .
Hi Stephanie, I'm new here too and like you just looking for people who truly understand!
I don't have ME but I have Fibro, PCOS and a buldging lumbar disc. After reading several posts on the blog it seems to be a trend that people with Fibro/CF/ME also suffer from other debilitating ailments. I wonder if there is a connection!?
Coping is the word of the day... that's about all I do...get by... some days are not so bad, you learn to live with a certail level of pain. But other days I just want to lay in bed and cry...but I can't because I'm a Mom and it's just impossible!
Are you trying anything as far as changing your diet? I am trying to go vegan/plant strong to see if it makes a difference.

I wish you luck!
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