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Feb 20, 2013
my name is russ i have fibro for 35 years i hurt every where even my teeth and tounge i have a family doctor and i am very tired of the way i am being treated by the maedical profession i am aplealing odp my thighs realy hurt i cant walk very far before the pain gets realy bad also my feet then my neck and spine start to hurt i need to find a fibri friendly doctor ist hard tio get throught each day sometimes i dont sleep for 2 orthree days at atime i dont know what to do new syptoms in the last year are exsesive sweating and itching at times ahd something like electric shocks or intense spasamsaslo the IBSisnot easy to live with also
Hello Russ, I can tell by your post how much pain you are in and it always breaks my heart when people are in such terrible pain and then are treated so badly by their doctors. Even if the doctor is unsure of what to do next, very few will admit their failings. You say that you have a family doctor. Is he or she helpful with your condition or does this person not believe that fibro is a real medical condition? I understand that you were diagnosised 35 years ago, was the doctor a Rheumatologist? If so are you still in contact with that doctor or another one in that profession? Sorry for all the questions but in order to help I would say a rheumatologist should be able to help you as far as medication is concerned. Other things to try are having massages, or using a vibrating heat mat that pinpoints certain areas of your body and helps relax muscles. Getting a soft fiber or feather pad to lay on top of your regular matteress. These pads provide soft comfort and padding to help you relax and sleep. If you have a bathtub and can get in and out, soak in warm water with one cup of epson salts. That will help your muscles relax. Try to avoid stress and use things to help you forget the pain by watching movies or working jigsaw puzzles or reading a really good book. Fibromyalgia causes inflamation in the muscles and the use of ginger root capsules is reported to help stop inflamation. Check with your doctor before taking to make sure it will not cause problems with your other medications. Some say that swimming in a warm pool helps. Please read around the forum, as lots of the members are having pain problems and may offer tips you can use to feel better. Many members are from Canada, and may know of a doctor you could try. I hope just being here and reading and sharing will help you feel better and not so alone. :)
Yup. I am one of those Canadians. Hello Russ. YOu must see Dr. Collins in Orillia, Ontario. He is excellent and I have been recommending him continually. I so relate to your comments on the pain of walking. Walking is one of the few exercises that we can do and it was very discouraging to have difficulty with that. However that being said we have to keep at it, slowly. Russ this has been a brutal winter here in Ontario but spring is coming! Just for your info. I take 120mg of Cymbalta. Very expensive but I am trying to hang in there. Presently I am job searching and hope something comes through soon as it is difficult to afford these meds. Take comfort.......You are not alone.
This winter seems to have been particularly brutal on us Fibro's this year. Generally cold but mild enough to give us too much moisture. Bad recipe for us.
Let's hope spring jumps in soon and gives us all a welcoming boost
It's a lot like arthritis in some ways. My mothers best friend had crippling arthritis and she would have to fly from London, England, where she lived, to Florida much of the year simply because the weather was dryer and warmer. The cold English weather would wreak havoc on her joints.
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