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Jul 6, 2013
PA - Pennsylvania
Hello Everyone,
I am new here. I was just browsing online the other day looking for fibro support groups because it really seems that noone understands my pain and fatigue unless they have fibro. I found this site. I have been reading through some of the threads and this really looks a great group of really supportive folks trying to help one another.
Hello, and welcome! I've only been a member here for a couple of days. I see that you were just diagnosed with fibro. You must have many questions, and probably feel a bit in shock. I know I went through a grieving stage at first, when I had my first bad flare. I couldn't believe how my life had changed so drastically!

I've been diagnosed for 5 years, so maybe I can help answer some questions. Or, I'm a great listener if you just need to vent. Take care!
Hurting in Philly,
Hello and welcome to this forum.
You are right when you say this forum is filled with supportive people aways willing to give a helping hand to someone else who is suffering with fibro. But we care for any and all who come to this site looking for answers. So please feel free to post any questions you may have and supply answers to posts even if only in a caring way. Everyone here has days that just knowing someone else cares gives them renewed faith and courage. I am sure you know what I mean. So please share where ever you want and know that we will help ease your sadness and try to make you smile when life with fibro has got you down.

Be sure to check out the hobbies and pub & teatime section. Look forward to reading your posts. :)
Hi, thanks for your response. Ironically I was diagnosed several years ago, but I "rejected" the diagnosis. I was afraid that the rheumatologist I was seeing at the time was just slapping that diagnosis on me because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Well I have spent the past few years getting test after test and seeing doctor after doctor, meanwhile living in horrible pain. I was wrong. I have Fibromyalgia and I accept that now.
Thank you so much. Pub and tea section? Can you help me with a lil more detail? I'm having a difficult time navigating the site...
Hi almost missed your question. If you scroll to the top of this page you will see a Fibromyalgia and Support Group written in blue on the top left hand side of the page. If you click on it takes you back to the main forum page. From there scroll down close to the bottom of the forum and you will see a topic called Pub and Teatime, or something to that effect. Click on that and it brings you into the fun section on hobbies and a section called Good Day To You, where you can share about your day. There are several other off topic choices to post on as well.

Hope this helps you get around the forum better. For new posts scroll to top of any page and click on New Posts. They gives you the newest posts on the forum. :)
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