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Jun 15, 2013
I do not get very depressed until recently and I need urgent advice. Was a size 12 in 2011 and now I am a size 16 and not losing weight no matter what. I am very weight concious, a diet and exercise freak for almost all my life. Doctors and nutrientians confirm that I am doing all the right things and eating right. My diet in a nutshell no gluten, sugar, milk. I eat alot of fruits and veggies, alot of water. Very rare take in meat. I really cannot deal with the weight gain. It is so serious that a very friendly person like me hate to go out and be amoung people, even relative and friends. I cry alot and hate the constant comments about my weight. Now I hate to go to work and even church. I go becuse that is my life. Please note that I am not a diabetic. Help! I need to lose some pounds as of yesterday. I have always had a phobia for weight so ......
I had to look this up in order to respond (welcome to the forum, by the way!) and I've read that weight gain from certain kinds of fibro medications can absolutely be a side effect. The article I read also said that it can be due to not being as active because of the pain.

That said, I know you said you have a weight phobia, but size 16 is a quite normal size and in the past was the norm before all the bone-thin stick figure advertising tainted world views. You also mentioned constant comments about your weight. You mean that people notice you've gained a little, right? Not that they're suggesting size 16 is huge or something?

As for not wanting to go to church or work because of this... I'm afraid I don't know how to respond to that, but I hope you're feeling better about it real soon. Maybe a good place to start would be to see if your doctor thinks it could be medication related and go from there?
Thanks for your response and the welcome mariposa. I have never stopped being active, I just refuse to because it will make matters worse. In order to get on for the day I must workout. I get up very disoriented, tired, stiff and sore. I do vegorous exercise for 45 to 1 hours 5 days a week. I forget the pain and do it because it helps. With size 16 I weigh 225 pounds so that is just to heavy and I feel so sluggish and breathless now a days and the lower back pain is getting worse and more constant. I have been blaming the meds and spoke to my doctor about it. I never had big stomach and so many folks ask if I am pregnant. Thats how bad it has become. I was on lyrica and amytriptilin and the doctor change it to gabapentin only 2 months ago. Some people loss and some gain weight on gabapentin. I am not certain yet of the effect on me. I am waiting on God for a solution to this because it must stop.
Both Lyrica and amytriptilin will cause weight gain that you cannot control. You could be almost anorexic and gain weight with those drugs. There was nothing you could have done. It was a losing battle as long as you were on those drugs. Gabapentin may not be any better, but it is only one drug to combat side effects rather than 2.

Regardless, you need to learn to love who you are, as you are. Be fit, be healthy, try not to gain more if you can, but don't beat yourself up about it and love who you are. I understand the weight gain problem completely. I've struggled with my weight for a while. I've been in a wheelchair for the past 2 years and have gained a lot of weight due to very high dose steroids used to treat my MS and the inability to exercise effectively in a wheelchair, and side effect of my other medications. I also eat healthy and exercise to my ability. I have learned though that those who truly love me don't care about the weight. I"m still trying to lose it because it is better for me health wise and will be easier for me mobility wise as my MS makes my body weaker, but I don't have to be thin to love who I am or for my family and friends to love me. I don't know where you stand religiously, but I am very religious and I know that God loves me know matter what and that he is mindful of my wants and needs. I used a lot of prayer to help me gain the love for myself that I have now and I am now using prayer to help me attempt to lose some weight and get my eating habits better under good control so I can feel better.

Good Luck
Oh my family, relatives and friends love me just the same and reminds me that I am still the wonderful that I am and that they love me. According to my folks everybody loves me because of my personality. I have a very good relationship with God and thats what I have been using, alotof prayers, because I have done all there is to do. I know that nothing is impossible with God. I was on the meds for 5 years nd never gained weight. In fact I got very slim in 2011 and then last year things just changed drastically and suddenly after I got adrenal crush and was hospitalised. I take time out to thank God that Im not like a skeleton and on my dying bed. While I am waiting for my miracle of lossing weight I just have to try and accept that size. I am a working wife and mother of 2 young kids and the weight is really doing a number on me. Thanks so much for you encouragement and advice about loving meself as it is.
I have weight problems as well. I keep gaining, not losing. Yet, I eat well and am active-all things considered. Other causes of my weight gain have been ruled out. So it is very frustrating for sure.
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