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May 22, 2018
I am a 6'6" male and have weighed 350+ my whole life. My diagnosis has no specific date but I recall times as a child having troubles and wondering why I was different. But anyway.. being this large makes most doctors point out my weight and suggest losing weight would help and call me out on anything obvious.. I feel it's because they don't have answers. I've had back injuries and a surgery along the way and now fibro has affected all aspects of my life. I'm always in pain, mind numbing pain... and I've lost my job. I will always put forth the good fight like I have but I am in need right now. I am currently working my path to SSD because I have 4 children and a wife that need me here instead of in tears in bed everyday after work. I would like to see some doctors to help strengthen my case, and I am having anxiety trying to pick a random doctor to trust with my life. I've seen countless nuerologist, rheumatologist, pain specialists who haven't cared or seem that I make these things up and tell me I'm fat and I can't help you. Just looking for a caring doctor and someone to solidify my case because as of now it is bleak. I'm at my end lately and I'm only 29... just the other say I had someone in their 50's again harassing me about my cane I have to use most days now. "You don't need that" "you're too young" "wait till you get my age". I hate it and I'm over it. ..anyway, lol, caring doctors or just sound advice or someone who can actually relate to this shit, all is appreciated. Thank you
Welcome to the forum, Wregling !

I am so sorry for the suffering you have gone through. I would suggest: how about to start with losing some weight ? It will be definitely helpful. You can do this by having a healthy diet and walking slowly as daily exercise.

I came from New York too. Please do not mind what people say, your need and safety are important.

It takes time for us to find the right doctor, meanwhile, we can help ourselves with natural means.

You are young, your four children and your wife are joy and consolation to you, and a bright future is waiting for you !
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