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In October of 2007 I pretty much went from feeling great, perfectley healthy to feeling extremely tired with both arms and both legs feeling very heavy and weak. They feel like they have weights on them. I am also very dizzy. I just woke up one day feeling this way. I also have had a twitch in my eye since then also which has never gone away. Now it is Feb of 2008 and I am still feeling this way. I don't know what is going on. I'm wondering if this sounds like ALS? Does ALS typically develop slower than that, or is it possible to just wake up one day feeling horrible like that? I have had no falling or dropping things, just a feeling of complete exhaustion. I was tested for mono, EBV virus, and it came back positive with extrememly high numbers. This is my third time having mono in five years. I will be 30 yrs old in April. My doctor is thinking that I may have chronic EBV along with chronic fatigue. I am going to go to see her again to ask if she thinks I should see a neurologist. I'm pretty scared about all of this. What do you all think?

Hi Carisa,

Congrats on having high numbers in your bloodwork. I think that is great news because it is a good reason to explain your fatigue. It seems like ALS comes on different for everyone, but most of these people have to go through the rule out period and EBV and Mono definitely encompass what you are feeling.
Hello Carisa

You already have your diagnosis. And no, ALS does not happen overnight, especially in every limb in your body. Get treated for what you have and forget about ALS . . . you don't have it!
my mum has me or chronic fatigue syndrome what you have sounds like this,it can start with a virus. though its no where near as bad as als/mnd,i do know it can be very dabilitating.there is hope though my mums had it 10yrs but gradually has got better.
bestwishes to you:)

ebv-epstein barr virus
google it and you will see it fits your symtoms.
how old are you?
Mono is mononucleosis also known here as the kissing disease because it is easily transmitted by kissing.
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