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Apr 30, 2013
I find my concentration extremely compromised when the arthritic aspect of my pain asserts itself during the winter months, and rainy days. Thing is, it even happens when my medications are working well!

I assume that the unstable atmosphere overloads the part of my brain that sends out the constant pain alarm, but I could be wrong.

Do you find that, even with pain medications working well, your brain still reacts to conditions that normally aggravate your fibromyalgia?
Yep. Those rare occasions when I'm having a pretty good day, I sometimes get the fog attack. I used to read those big thick sci-fi fantasy tomes but had to give up coz of fog wandering. Pity.
Flares can manifest in all kinds of ways and nnot just the painful ones
Things that cause my brain fog is when I get overloaded with things that must be done in a hurry. I get so upset that my brain says no way, and I can't get anything done on time or in the right way. If someone started yelling at me over nothing it's even worse. The best cure is to stay hidden for a couple of days and relax and rest up. Since fibro does not show up by looking at us, others tend to think nothing is wrong and then the overloading of chores begins.
I tend to be a loner a lot only because I need to rest a lot and pace myself so I can get things done. The brain fog is one of the worest symptoms. It is hard to have a life when you can't think fast and know the right things to do all the time. :)
Thanks so much for you input.

There are times when I think I am losing my mind and worry that people find me a complete fool. It's especially disheartening if I am working with or meeting someone for the first time, during one of my "dead brain" days. I try to avoid thinking about that adage not having a second chance at making a good first impression, but I imagine you know how difficult that is.

It is so nice to know I'm not the only one.
Often the best thing is to let it be known that you have a health problem and then people have a better idea that on somedays your just overwhelmed with too much to handle or too much pain. Just this past week I managed to get so mixed up on my days that I thought I was late for a church meeting and called to let the women know I could not attend, only to discover the meeting is this week.
Then I was trying to help my mom and wore myself out both mentally and physically, just trying to get along and get the tasks done. Often it is possible to forget that our health can not hold up against doing to much work or thinking, without a mental or physical breakdown in strength or understanding. I try to be strong for others and often leave no strength for myself. I used to think I was crazy, now I know I am. lol Keep a sense of humor about it and don't worry too much about what others think. You will do just fine. :)
I also have days when my brain is just not working properly. On those days, I try to just stay home, take it easy, and not do anything that requires concentration, until I start feeling better and am able to think again. I have not noticed that it is weather related, although the times when weather is changing is often the times when I have more pain in my joints, and am just crippling along.
When I am having a brain fog day, nothing seems to help except resting, and just letting it wear off. Thankfully, it usually is just for a day and now and then, not every day.
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