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Your white blood count points to some issue. You need to have a complete work-up. White count usually means some type of infection. It's even possible you've got some infection causing your muscle issues, actually.

Most doctors don't do a complete work-up, the simply do the basics such as electrolytes, thyroid and such. You should have an ANA, Ige, amongst others.

Something is going on with you obviously--but it would be very unusual for someone your age to have ALS at all--and even more rare to have ALS AND whatever else is obviously an issue for you.

Depression can even be the cause of your sleeping so much. It's one of the signs of fibromyalgia, too--and chronic fatigue syndrome. There are a lot of possibilities out there. A Rheumy might be the way to go for now.

Really--I wish you'd give the ALS idea a break--its so doubtful as to be almost non-existent as a possibility. Has a DOCTOR commented on the atrophy you think is there? Was there clinical weakness? I can't remember if they did an EMG on you or not--but it could pick up other causes for your twitches and all.

I really do hope you find some answers and feel better. The more I read of your symptoms--the more something auto-immune sounds possible. Hell for that matter--it could all be just from the Lyme Disease
Re: More symptoms occuring, can ALS progress this fast?

I know there are SO many possibilities out there. I feel like I should be on House or something. It seems no doctor's can give me an definitive answers and I've become more and more reliant on myself to figure all this out because they don't seem to care. From looking at all my old labs from years ago my WBC has always been high, I remember when I needed bloodwork done before having surgery, My doc was a little suspicious bc we didn't know why it was high - But it has been for years. Anemia was something I suspected because of the hair loss, fatigue and cold intolerance (I keep our apartment at a cozy 77 degrees because any lower and I'm goose bumped and shivering). If I brush my feet up against hubby in bed he jumps because they're like ice against his skin. But of course my iron and anemia labs came back normal too.. ANA was also negative, GP checked that too. Doc never assessed my muscle tone.. at this point it's only noticeable when I flex my calves, and then you can clearly see the bulk difference and definition cuts not as deep, but at rest they are the same size. I really just don't know. I know depression can cause the sleeping issue but I've been sleeping this way for years, way before any depression. Like I said none of these symptoms would concern me because they've been going on for so long and I've just learned to live with it... I would have never suspected ALS at all if it weren't for whats going on recently. How is fibro diagnosed? Could it be possible I was tested for this with blood work? Thanks again.
Re: More symptoms occuring, can ALS progress this fast?

HI--fibro isn't tested by bloodwork, no.

It's done with a tender point check--pain must be above and below the waist for a period of 3 months. The problem is those of us with fibro know it has a LOT of other symptoms, such as what we call 'fibro fog' where our brains are disconnected. We don't sleep well--wake up tired. Get tired and exhausted very easily.

My hair falls out by the handful--literally--so does my daughters.

You've got an elevated white count--something causes that. How high is it? I'd really see a Rheumy for an auto-immune panel. ANA is not positive in ALL auto-immune disorders.

Palpitations can be anxiety--but they can be a problem in the heart, too--mine were mitral valve prolapse and atrial fibrillation

Raynauds can cause the cold feet--is there any color changes with it? Circulation can cause it, too. How's your blood pressure?

There are just so many possibilities, hon--and I honestly don't believe ALS is even in the ballpark as a possibility--not with the other things you have going on.

If there was atrophy -- please believe me--there would be marked disability in that limb. I'm going to take pic of my hands and put them on the album so you can see what I mean.

I used to think i was weak a lot--til I couldn't button a button anymore.

I also have clonus--where if I lift my foot up to tip toes while sitting my legs go completely nuts---and my legs look great--the tone is excellent--too bad they have spasms and cramps daily.

I very possibly do have ALS--and the fasciculations are directly in the areas where the atrophy is--and the weakness was FIRST--long before the atrophy---months and months (and of course my docs thought I was nuts--GP still does--though every other doc knows there is a problem)
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