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Sep 30, 2015
Been seeing a rheumy for about a year.

Says I have poly-arthritis. I am on Prednisone, Methotrexate and Folic Acid. I use heating pad and baths to help with the stiffness and fatigue.

They are not helping. I don't know what to do next.

When I initially saw him he stated he didn't want to "tag" me with the Fibro diagnosis.

I have severe pain in my muscles neck and shoulders, headaches every day, fatigue where I don't want to move out of bed, sharp electric type pains in several parts of my body for no reason, hair loss, depression etc. I have a brain fog where I can't remember anything, and sometimes when trying to speak it comes out wrong, and my family corrects me.

Should i seek a second opinion or continue on with him to try and find the right treatment.
I feel like I am spinning my wheels, and its costing me an arm and a leg. I wouldn't mind paying if any of the treatment was helping, but it isn't.

Thoughts, ideas advice?:confused:
Hi aurora and welcome! Sorry to hear of your challenges. You are not alone! Many of us here struggle to find answers. Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? We often run low in that area which can contribute to problems. I'm personally going gluten free and can tell there's something to it for me personally. My pain level has gone from 4 to 1, if I add wheat back I'm hurting right away. Add Epsom salts to your warm baths to help remove toxins. You will be your own best advocate...if you are not progressing keep seeking other options. Ive found great support from a chiro, my local vitamin store and a nutritionist. overall gut health might be a driving factor for us so probiotics may be useful. May you find the answers you are looking for to bring you relief!
Fatigue will cause many if not all of the symptoms you are describing.

How do you know the meds are not working? most of us dont know til we stop the meds. then we find they were working.

you said "sharp electric type pains in several parts of my body for no reason" this can also be
nerve damage. or even an allergic reaction to a food or yeast.

ask the doctor to start you on the gabapentine to start. if he/she wont do it then get the second opinion.
I would get a second opinion if you're not happy with your doc. I see my primary care doc and neurologist fairly regularly in addition to my Rheumy. They won't contradict what the other docs say, but they do prescribe different meds and keep an eye on drug interactions. Have you been tested for other possibilities? Thyroid, and MS come to mind. My Rheumy pretty much takes care of my pain, while the neurologist is interested in my cognitive symptoms. Hope you get some relief soon!
A second, third, and fourth opinion couldn't hurt! I think I've had about 8 doctors confirm my fibro diagnosis. I've been tested for lupus, RA, bacterial diseases, Lyme disease, etc etc. It's always good to get other opinions just to make sure you're not on meds that are hurting instead of helping.
Good luck! XOXO.
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