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Jan 13, 2017
This is my first post having only joined today. I have really enjoyed reading the posts I have managed to do so far. It is a 'good' day for me so I thought I would take advantage and write this post, so here goes.......
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in March 2012 after many, many, many tests and Dr visits (you know what I mean and another story for another post :-|). At the time there was still a lot of misunderstanding and disbelief re this disease but thankfully there has been excellent progress since then. I also have several other diagnosed conditions such as bulging discs (2) in my lower back (spent 9months in a wheelchair in 2004), osteoarthritis - hips, spine, neck, foot, PTSD and have now just had carpal tunnel of both hands added to the list..... I must admit that I wasn't initially convinced about the Fibromyalgia diagnosis however after spending a small fortune on trying to find cures/alternate answers I have come to terms with having to live jointly with whom I call "The beast" (Fibromyalgia). I have found acceptance of this disease has helped significantly in managing the condition. I have studied thoroughly the condition and consider I have a good or sound understanding of it and especially its impact on me. I have a very good medical team whom support me which includes several medical specialists, GP, physiotherapist, myothertherapist, psychologist, acupuncturist
whom all routinely assist my management of Fibro and other conditions as required. It was however the Fibromyalgia that has forced me to surrender a very successful career as a well paid, energetic corporate executive which I absolutely loved and took 30 years to reach the status I eventually managed to achieve. I have grieved for sometime this loss, again another story for another day. Anyway in exchange I have focused on living jointly and as harmoniously as possible with "The Beast". Its taken sometime and I will share in another post what I have found helps me survive/ live with and manage this condition. I'm too tired now (we all get that I'm sure) as I've hit a bit of a wall writing the above and now time for me to have a break (sleep). I look forward to reading and sharing further posts with you all.
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