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Jun 21, 2016
Hi there
Do any of you suffer from reduced sweating? I've had really bad issues with the heat for the past two summers as I just don't sweat anymore (apart from under the arms). Had so many tests it's not funny, and finally my Rheumatologist has confirmed that it's linked to my Fibromyalgia and the damage to my nerve endings. Would love to know if anyone else has this problem and how they deal with it?
Sorry, I have to opposite problem since taking Savella, but the Cymbalta I used to take did the same. Since we've been in the triple digits the last week-as is typical in summer-it's much worse. Would drinking LOTS of water help?
It's funny you just posted this. I just told my husband over the weekend I didn't think I was sweating like I should and I think it's making me hotter. I'm glad to know it's just another fibro symptom but now I'm woundering how good that could be.

Have you found much that helps? I think I'm going to buy a cooling cloth and carry a small spray bottle around. But I'm clueless what else to do.
It's horrible in the summer. I can't go outside for longer than about 10 minutes in the direct sun or my heart rate soars and BP goes up and I look like a beetroot! Because I don't sweat I can't cool down. Rheumatologist has me on Clonidine 4x a day to dilate my blood vessels, which in turn helps the blood reach the surface of my skin better so I can cool down a little. It hasn't fixed the problem, but it does help a little. Can manage up to an hour outside in the morning now! Thank goodness I have air conditioning at work. There's no real cure for this problem. Massive doses of steroids may reverse it, but he doesn't want to try that (neither do I). Next summer we might look at putting me on Tramadol, as a side effect of that is excessive sweating, so it may help me sweat a bit. At the moment it's winter here, so I'm coping pretty well and enjoying the cooler weather!
I have the opposite problem! I take Savella too and it doesn't take much to start the sweating. It is horrible! Either extreme is no good. Maybe someday they will find an answer. I have thought about just going off my meds so I wouldn't have to deal with the sweating but then I have more pain. Not sure which is worse.
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