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Mar 1, 2013
We all like to take a drink sometimes to relax, but with fibro this is not always possible. I like my glass of white wine now and again, but with my IBS it is all that I can drink, other drinks just exaggerate the cramps and bloating.

I have a few questions I would like some of your opinions on.

1. How do alcohol influence your medication?

2. What effect does it have on your pain levels?

3. What can you drink with no or the minimal effects on your body?

4. Do alcohol sometimes bring yo relief?

5. If you are not able to have a drink how does it influence your attendance of social events and your interactions with others at these events?

Thank you for bearing with me, I ask these questions, as my sister with fibro sometimes tend to take a drink or two and learning its effects from others might help me understand her needs a little better.
Apart from my teenage years I've never been that much of a drinker.
Before I was on as many meds my mother in law suggested a glass of wine or two might help with the pain like it did for her arthritis.
For over a year I tried it, I'd go to her house every other day and we'd tipple together but I found that the alcohol made my IBS worse... any kind of alcohol.
As for social situations it's no big deal these days.. everyone needs a dedicated driver so it's quite handy to have a few tee totallers in the bunch.
I am not a drinker as in younger days I didn't like the taste, other than a beer now and then. But I like a bit of wine every once in a while.
As for social situations, sometimes it makes me feel like a left out because I do not drink and everyone around me is drinking or getting drunk.

While I don't want to drink, the feeling of not fitting in because I don't drink, is very depressing at certain times and certain parties. I have on a couple times had a drink when I did not plan to, because someone spiked the punch or the soda bottles. Then I knew right away I had alchohol because of the headache and sick feeling in my stomach.
No one should take away your right to choose by spiking stuff. That's appauling!
Thank you for your replies guys. TW I found the source of the IBS enhancers in the drinks. It is the sulfates. I have experienced this hands on. Drinks with a higher sulfate level like red wine tend to lat my IBS flare, where as the ones with a lower sulfate count doesn't affect it as badly. My newest fit in drink is a virgin Mary. Its like a bloody Mary without the vodka, and nobody but me knows the difference. I absolutely love tomato so this is real treat and a winner to hide your non drinking status. Something else you could try that also looks like a cocktail are cola tonic with ginger ale. Not only is it yummy, but the ginger ale tends to have a calming effect on my IBS.

A constant I found with drinkers is that they usually do not know that drink can sometimes affect a sick person, and they spike the punch unknowingly. I use my husband as my test rabbit. He has to taste everything before I drink it, or I just smell his drinks. I have quite a keen nose and can smell things from a mile away.
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1. If my fibro is bad enough that I have to take my meds, I don't drink. Also, I only drink, now, when I'm feeling 100%, and I avoid my meds as much as possible.
2. Drinking causes every symptom I have to magnify, which is why I don't drink if I'm feeling even the tiniest bit sleepy, or achy.
3. When I can/do drink, I drink the same things I used to - whiskey and diet, or a gin and tonic. I've never liked beer, and I have a sulfate allergy, so wine is straight out.
4. Alcohol never brings me relief, even for non-fibro things. I like the feeling of being tipsy, and it enhances my having a good time, for sure, but never if I'm not feeling 100% to start with.
5. Not drinking never effects my social attendance, but I've always been the sort who can go to a bar without drinking, or a party. It's actually come in handy from time to time, as I can sometimes give a designated driver the night off ;)

As for your sister, fibro behaves differently in different people. I'm sure there are some people who can drink just fine, but I haven't found too many of them. Alcoholism runs rampant in my family, and I was warned by my doc to keep an eye on my consumption as there are some of us who become depressed, start drinking because of it, and end up in a bad cycle. I'm not implying anything about your sister, though, just making mention of my personal circumstances.
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