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Jun 15, 2017
A girl falls out of a tree and is cured of her illness.

A person get's dental work and then hears radio transmissions.

I fell down a flight of steps when my back was out and got up without pain.

If any of these stories are true ( mine is ) doesn't it make you wonder what other off the wall thing might help you and your illness?

Has anyone heard about the HEP C transplant cure? Sometimes the problem is the news comes to us during the evening news and unless it is recorded we are left trying to find out exactly what was said. So in the research I did trying to find out what this is about I found out this: In an attempt to expand the number of kidney donors kidney's from patients with Hep C were used then immediately were treated with the cure for Hep C. There was an unexpected consequence in that other illness's and maladies that the patients had started getting better or even better results occurred.

But I can't find the skinny on this new finding and what else it winds up effecting is unknown. I don't think that it is Fibro but perhaps the future is in this new field of using one disease to cure another. There is a large number of trials with virus's being used to cure cancer. I did meet with one of the researchers but I do not qualify for his trials.

Just thought I'd mention this incase someone else has info
I might as well toot my own horn about this paper I wrote in 8th grade science class. The assignment was to " use your head and come up with something new and all your idea " I wrote my paper on using one disease to cure another. I got a D on my paper. The teacher said that adding an illness of disease to an already diseased patient would kill them.

Now, this science is the leading edge of cancer research and virus's are being genetically modified and mixed with DNA from a patients cancer and reintroduced into the tumor and or the blood stream. The virus is directed to the cancer cells and once the virus enters the tumor our own immune system attacks the cancer and wipes it out. This is sometimes called Immuno-therapy.

Each cancer has it's own ID and therefore it's not like one modified virus will attack all cancers. But it's exciting to know that we are on the verge of major progress.
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