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Feb 4, 2013
Since I have had Fibromyalgia, I spend lots of money trying to find an answer to how to manage the condition. I was told you need a team of doctors. So I had my family doctor and neurologist, a rheumatologist and a therapist. But I still felt weak and depressed, and alone in this battle.

When I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania, I decided to check out some alterative means of stopping the pain and understanding how and what was happening to by body. My friend suggested I have a "hair tissue mineral analysis," done to see if I was lacking in some minerals or overloaded with toxic metals.

The hair analysis, was a new experience for me. I was not sure it really worked and most doctors say it is a scam, and yet I had tried the conventional ways and still was in pain and did not feel healthy.

Now, that I had the test done, I am happy I did it. The test shows more than just minerals or toxic medals, it tells what foods you should or should not eat. And it showed that even though I was eating, I was not eating healthy foods and was actually in very poor condition.

I was started on vitamins and mineral supplements, and taking ginger root capsules to cut the inflamation in my muscles. I was told what foods I needed to eat more of, so I could improve my health. This included fresh fruits and vegetables.

Through testing different foods I found I was allergic to chicken and eggs. So I decided to go for a more vegan diet until I new what foods to avoid and ones that were keepers.
This might not work for everyone, but in this case it has helped me.
I'm glad that seems to be working for you. I think diet is critical in the management of Fibro.
Good for you for looking into as many options as you can. Where I live we have a man who helps many people with alternative medicines. Many people use him and do say it is a great way to help themselves.
I myself have never gone that route yet. I am not against it at all I just haven't had the need yet. But if I do I will have no problem looking into it.
Many people are afraid of alternative I think because they think it is weird or not real.
But proof is all you need, it does work.
Good for you.
Hi there Jow,

I really was not sure about the testing and it wasn't because it is a form of alternative medicine, It was the fact I am allergic to everything, or at least that is how it seems. I have lists of drugs I cannot use and foods that I can't eat. I was concerned the report coming back would be very narrow in what I was suppose to do and vitamins I would need to take.

In a way it was because they wanted me to buy their brand of vitamins at a very steep price. At first I thought this is where the scam comes in, you know the report is great I can learn from it, then the cure so to speak costs big bucks. But after looking over the report, which is about twenty pages long I decided it was worth doing and I can buy my vitamins anywhere.

I have tried different herbs and some I get along with and others its touch and go, like lavender, I love the smell but can not have it on my skin, so with the sudden market for everything lavender I have a hard time picking out lotions and shampoo, soaps and cleaning supplies.

I guess we have to try things new or old, once in a while, but be respectful of our bodies and what we can use without hurting ourselves.

Thank you for your post.
That sounds pretty cool, I didn't know there was such a test, thanks for posting about it!
Another option you might consider in the alternative healing part is getting SCIO treatments.

SCIO is also called quantum energy wellness. SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system. It is a computer system that is coupled to your body with electrodes, the system measures, test and balance your body at the subtle energy level. It uses a lot of different science and medicinal techniques. science has proven that every particle resonates and vibrates at its own frequency, when we get sick sometimes that frequency goes off. The SCIO re-balances that frequency. It also boosts your energy levels. This is really quite a complex scientific system, that needs a lot of explanation, so I would rather post a link for you to study.

My sister uses this treatment and it seems to help her a lot. If you consider SCIO ensure that you use a properly trained therapist with referrals as you sometimes get people that are scammers.
I have just came upon a blog, where a lady with fibro is on a trail for a diet supplement. She posts her results on the blog regularly, and at the moment it looks like the product is reducing her pain and fatigue a little. It also seems not to be interfering with her sleep patterns. The product she is testing is coffee bean extract.
I think it is alright to post a link here to learn about the SCIO treatment. I never heard about this before. Is it a medical doctor treatment type or more along the lines of alterative healing?

Back in my begining days with fibro, I had some BIO-Feedback treatments that seemed to help some, but I am up in the sticks, backwoods of Pa., now and there is less doctors and less medical equipment available to me. In Fl., it was unlimited in what was available.
1sweed, it is more like an alternative healing thing, and the best part is after your first session the rest can be done remotely. The SCIO helped me a lot as well. Especially with the vitamin and mineral deficiency and my depression. Now if thinks go downhill I phone my SCIO therapist and she treats me remotely. Here is the link

Quantum Energy Wellness - How does the SCIO Work?

My sister did the Bio-feedback but this did not help her all. I recon the big thing about alternative medicine is you have to believe that it works, for it to have any effect on you.
I checked out your link and find the information very interesting. After the tests are completed to you get a read-out of all the areas of your body that problems exist or does the doctor who performs the tests, just start treating you for your conditions?

The info seems to be available outside the U.S., so I will do a web search for it, and see where else it might be available.

Can you tell us about the tests and readings without sharing anything to personal?

Thanks for sharing this info with us. :)
1sweed, I do not mind being personal, for it is the best way to help others. The treatment first, after the test and readings are done the therapist have all the readouts available digitally, my therapist usually shows me mine. She then discuss this with me and we decide together what areas needs treatment. The SCIO system detects how the treatment works and even when your body has had enough. The treatment and tests are all done through the same electrodes that are attached to your wrist, ankle and one around our head with a band. This is not painful at all. you just lie back and relax, the system and therapist does all the work. The only side effect I ever had was being dog tired after a treatment, and then slept like a baby.

The system is a holistic system that tests your whole body at the same time. The information the therapist needs are quite the minimum, but if you tell her about your problems she would focus on treating that parts first.

Let me tell you what the SCIO found on me: low to no vitamin and mineral absorption (this is a bit better after my treatment), Depression due to my illness, low energy levels, lack of sleep, IBS, Pain in my neck and arms, reduced liver function, decreased thyroid function, endometriosis, psoriasis (mostly my big toes), and a decreased will to live.

All of these have been improved quite a lot since I had my treatments. I still get my drawbacks, but my therapist is just a phone call away, and she always makes time to help me.
There's so much out there it's hard to tell what's what. I think that each of us is going to find something different works for us. I'm glad you're finding what works for you.
Thanks for sharing all that information. I will check to see if anyone around here does that type of treatments. It seems little by little, we learn about treatments such as this that help relieve symptoms for some people.

I have improved some by changing my diet, to a more organic vegan type diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. I make homemade soups and bread, and try to avoid too much sugar. But with my allergies I have to be careful what I eat as well. In someways a vegan diet is an alternative lifestyle that helps me to sort out what foods are good and bad for my body.

I know there are other alternative methods out there that are very safe to use. Any one knowing of these please share.
I'm always interested in alternative methods of healing. However, I have to be careful not to get my hopes up. The 1 thing I really dislike about the fibro monster is that what works for 1 person doesn't always work for another. Like I was told to go gluten free but it did nothing for me...
Since fibro can cause depression, if for no other reason than a once active person is confined to limited exercise and lack of strength for doing the things he or she loved doing. It is like taking the car keys away from a able bodied person and forcing that person to walk everywhere. If that is done to anyone they would over time lose self-confidance and become depressed.

One of the treatments I had in therapy was called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. What I learned was too not just focus on the problem, but to notice all sides of each problem, then we worked out a way to handle each behavior that caused me to be almost in a panic. It is kind of like realizing there are four sides to a coin, not just two. I improved in a few months time and we also practiced relaxation exercises to help me relax my muscles.
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