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Jun 20, 2016
Dear Ex-Husband/Father of my Children,

Don't tell me that your back (probably a slipped disc) and work are preventing you from doing what you need to do for your (special needs) children when I have been dealing with fibromyalgia (undiagnosed until this year) for years and work a minimum of 50 hours a week, still manage to go to EVERY appointment and event, HOMESCHOOL them, and still take the time to do fun stuff throughout the week. Especially when your pain is the direct result of you CHOOSING not to go to the doctor and get your back fixed.

That is all.
You must have been married to my ex. Details are eerily similar. Him, back problems mostly due to his own choices. Me, homeschooled 3 kids, work full time, fibro, 1 child with autism, 1 with undiagnosed psych problems (she's now an adult). Best thing I did for the kids & I was kick him to the curb.
No she married mine .3 kids he couldn't even come to my scan as his back hurt so bad ,and football was on the tv .
Gosh It makes my partner sound like a saint.....whoever said men are the weaker sex was right.

Mine complained about us not going being able to drive from the UK to Italy and Switzerland for our holidays anymore...never mind the fact he goes away for boys golf holidays every year and took early retirement and is out on the golf course as much as he wants.....and says he has a bad back and knee...strangely it never hold him back from doing these things he likes!
So glad I'm not alone in my frustrations! In my mind, it's about priorities. I prioritize the kids, he doesn't. It's as simple as that, and I have very little patience for that.
Men maybe more often prioritize themselves ...we willingly and lovingly prioritize everyone else from our hearts especially our children.
Thank you for your responses. It makes me feel less alone in my frustrations. What bothers me the most is that it appears he's not prioritizing his kids' needs because of his own selfishness. And I can't stand that. If he's not careful, he's going to be worrying about whether or not his back will hold up in court.
That's the route I went & now have sole custody.
VegAthles, that was a good one made me laugh X
Isn't it funny, how little compassion some men have for women that they love or at one time loved?? The only constant that I am seeing is that they continue to love THEMSELVES and that's about it. We must do the same, we must love ourselves and care for ourselves and encourage our own healing through faith and hard work. We can do it. The worthless men can go scratch!!! And, for those blessed enough to have a good man, make sure he knows he's appreciated xo
Hard to believe you guys all married to the same jerk! How did this worthless piece of crud get around to so many woman and have so many kids with that bad back of his? if only fibromyalgia was an STD...
Seriously, I am sorry your dealing with a dead beat dad. I hope he isn't a complete looser and at least treats your children with some love and respect. Going to court is so difficult but sometimes that's the only way.
Am soooo LOL are funny pleeeeeease come round for tea!!!! x
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