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Dec 6, 2015
I was diagnosed by a pretty crummy rheumatologist who basically went off of some blood tests taken by my GP and then felt my joints (which always hurt) and said that I had Fibro. I had no idea what that was and she didnt tell me. I stopped seeing her because she didnt listen to me and didnt seem to care too much about treating me.

I didnt think much about it because I also have Lupus so I attributed alot of what I was going through to the lupus. Fast forward to today.... My neck muscles are tense (they all have been and because of that I get tension headaches and my spine is starting to curve down.) Im getting pitted nails, thicker nails, no moons on all but 2 and very little color. My feet are freezing all of the time and my arms tingle off and on. Im in pain most days and there are days that I dont want to talk and just want to sleep (but I have 3 kids so thats not happening!). Worst of all is this fog! Im so tired all of the time which, ive gotten kind of used to but, a short trip out to get lunch with a friend and a little conversation and im EXHAUSTED!

Im on Lexapro for the anxiety but nothing for the pain. I live in Massachusetts and they are very strict about pain meds.

So.....What do I do? I was originally diagnosed in Texas and now live in Mass. but, will be moving to Florida in a few months. My current GP doesnt know because I honestly forgot to tell her but, I know that I need to deal with this because I cant keep feeling like this What kind of treatments are they using now? It was just cymbalta when I was diagnosed. A family friend said that her sister was given narcotics (not sure if thats true?) I know there is a new drug out there specifically for Fibro but it has alot of bad side effects. Im also open to natural remedies (legal).

Any help you can give would be very appreciated!
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