Fibromyalgia worse in the winter

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Feb 19, 2013
Hi, my name is Julie and I've been dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Fibro since mid-2005. Have had 4 car accidents (2 serious, 2 not so bad, only 2 my fault!) in the past, plus on disability for depression and anxiety since end of 2000.

I was diagnosed by the Fibro and Fatigue Centers in Cleveland, and treated there, plus at the on in Pittsburgh during 2005 and 2006, but each is a 4 hour drive from home in Buffalo, NY, and the expense was too great.

My conditions are much worse during the winter, and if I don't get adequate rest.

Here to make new friends experiencing similar things :)
I've visited Ontario where it's very cold and find my symptoms get worse. I've heard this is similar to arthritis and the reason many people from colder climates like Northern states in America and Canada visit Califronia, Texas and Florida in the winter. Which of your symptoms get worse in the winter?
Hi, im almost 23 and im from Cornwall, UK. Its cold here most of the yr, so im in pain alot but when the sun does come out the pain is a bit better. I have depression and anxiety as well, its not easy coping with day to day life. Ive been diagnosed for almost 2yrs but been ill for 14yrs. Ive had accidents and falls but i dont drive because i dont fell safe on the road, so i dont know what u went througt with that.

Id like it if we can help each other? And to be a friend too!
Hi Julie, Welcome to the forum. Having had fibro for a longtime I know how cold weather can make it worse. I live in Pennsylvania, in an area know for very cold winters and the way I deal with it is by wearing thermal leggings and shirts, under my regular clothes. The leggings keep me warm, but also give me more strength in my upper legs. I have a weak streak that runs across the top of each leg and by wearing the thermal leggings it helps me walk better in the winter. In the summer I wear jeans or demin leggings for extra support. I dress warmly when outside and maintain a comfortable heat in my home. It is very important to stay warm in bed. Wearing socks to bed and keeping your lower legs warm helps reduce those terrible muscle spasms and cramps. If I can help with any questions please post on the forum. I hope you will keep coming back and share with the other members here. Sure you will find many new friends here. :)
Thermal leggings. Cramping at night is a problem for me. I am either too hot or too cold. Not sure if it is the memopause thing. I can soak all my bedding 3 times in the night and then freeze. Oh the joys!:p
Wow michelle, I'll admit, that sounds awful... reading that reminded me of the last time I had the flu, but at least I knew the sweating would eventually make me better. Sometimes sweating can be the result of taking certain medications before med; I know Tylenol and similar have this effect.
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