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Dec 19, 2015
Please bare with me as I am new to these forums.Starting a year ago I starting experiencing panic attacks only 2 in a 8 month span. For the last few months I have had severe muscle twitching and muscle tenderness. I also have neuropathy in my last two toes on left foot. All blood work has came back fine. Other than my c reactive protein that was 5.8 which the normal is 0 - 4.0 .I have had a high C reactive protein test for the last seven years so I am going on a limb to say that has nothing to do with these new symptoms. They have put me on a statin to lower but hasn't done much good..So after 7 years of joint pain numerous test lupus RA etc all came back having these new issues and MRI is fine and all blood work done fine..I have gone to a Neurologist and she doesnt think its MS anyone have any symptoms like this.. ALS or Fibromyagia has crossed my mind.. I also have had difficulty sleeping at nights..They put me on Xanax thinking it was anxiety doesn't help...My muscles ache my muscles twitch and neuropathy in my foot and sometimes my arms when I'm asleep.I know I am all over the place with my symptoms but don't want to leave anything out..Can anyone help?
Hi its hard to say from your description....fibro does cause muscle pain and fatigue and stiffness and twitching and can make the joints all hurt because the muscles and tendons and ligaments that hurt join in at the joints. Sleeping and anxiety are also a problem and neuropathy burning pain etc so it could well be fibro.

Have you been given any support such as pain meds pacing gentle exercise etc and i mean gentle to start with. You dont say if you are working?

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