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May 23, 2013
Hi! I'm new here. I'm a 32 year old single mom of a very precocious almost 4-year old daughter. I work full time at a home health agency office. I was diagnosed with fibro almost 4 years ago, a few months after my daughter was born. I function pretty well, mostly because I have to, to support my child. It's so hard to get out of bed some mornings, during my "bad weeks", but she keeps me going.
I'm in the process of trying to find a new rheumatologist. I had one, but he retired, and when I found this out, I asked my regular provider (a physician's assistant), to find me a new rheumy, (they are few and far between here in rural southern IL), and at the time I was only taking amitryptiline, so she said she would prescribe that for me so I didn't have to see a rheumy. (At the time my fatigue was the main problem, and this was helping me sleep better). Well, now I'm having a lot of pain, so we're trying to find a new rheumy, and as I said they're few and far between here. I recently asked her for some Ultram, as this has helped my pain greatly in the past, but I haven't had to use it for over a year. Well, now I'm getting treated like a drug seeker, and being told to use Naproxen. Naproxen doesn't work. So aggravating. I know many other have the same problem, being treated like a drug seeker if you ask for anything.
So I'm here just looking for helpful suggestions on how to deal with this stupid illness, and some friends to chat about it with. Glad I stumbled upon your forum.
Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear that you're having to go through all that just to make a doctor understand that you need something for the pain. :-( I've heard others here say the same thing about being treated like a drug seeker... I know that a few years ago, doctors were way behind the times knowing about Fibro, but I thought it would have improved by now.

Naproxen?! My goodness, I take that for a sore wrist or a headache... I can't even imagine that helping the pain of Fibro!
Hi I'm chris,, 52 and originally diagnosed with cervical spondylosis 20 yrs ago and was told everything I was experiencing was down to my cs? I was given more and more ever increasing strength painkillers.
I was bringing up 3 kids at the time my health first went.
More and more symptoms popped up ,, I was more and more tired,, aches and pains in places that had nothing to do with my neck.
Something I did find out was that my hypothyroidism and diabetes fit into the category of fibro
I had to fight to get checked up? I saw a neurologist, , physiotherapist and my pain relief consultant. They all agreed I had fibro,,, but this only happened when I asked a dr couldIit be fibro?.
I'm now on a cocktail of meds I take oxy,, solpadol,, lyrica,, anti-depressants, , beta blockers,, 30 tabs a day so far. I now am getting new symptoms of sore feet, , bloated stomache,, gas,, back ache,, the most incredible pain in my ribs and shoulders. My concentration , memory, , word power anything to do with the brain is less than it used to be.
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