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May 1, 2017
I am a 25 year old male, i started suffering with chronic chest pain (costochondritis) 4 years ago. I thought it was due to repetitive movements in working out but then 2 years ago i started having some joint pain in feet and tingling sensations throughout body. Blood tests were all negative for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. in Late 2016 my pains increased and the tingling which i now know is nerve pain or paresthesia progressed severely. I found out i was very low in vitamin d and started supplementing. after a few months the pain in my chest and joints felt like they nearly vanished. The nerve pain was still there sometimes but was very low as well. Then march of this year it all hit me again much worse than before.

The reason im so unsure if its fibromyalgia is because, although i know it effects everyone differently i feel im missing some of the main symptoms. To be sure i made a poll on a facebook support group for fibromyalgia of the symptoms they suffer with and the top voted symptoms were:
Widespread muscular pain, severe fatigue, shoulder pain, neck pain, joint pain, chronic back pain, tender points at least 11 of the 18, insomnia, and irritial bowel syndrome.
The only symptom i seem to suffer from there is the joint pain. i would not describe my pain as muscular, and i get slight fatigue at times nothing major, never shoulder neck or back pain which is something i always hear in fibromyalgia sufferers, i have zero of the tender points, i do not suffer from insomnia, and no ibs although a lot of stomach issues,
So is fibromyalgia something i should be looking into more or maybe some other disorder? thank you and sorry for the long post.
I don't think you are necessarily in denial. You do not seem to have the majority of the symptoms for fibromyalgia, so it is quite normal to have doubts about a possible fibromyalgia diagnosis. Trusting your doctors is one thing, but most importantly keeping track of your complaints and discussing these in detail with your doctor is key. Most of us here were in and out of doctors' offices for years, many doctors were not taking us seriously. But after a while you see that it is all about communication. And determination as a patient to demand answers from doctors. This might not happen with the 1st doctor you see, nor the 2nd, 3rd....

I love the word 'patient'. We, as patients, really have to be patient!
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