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Sage Dancer

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Sep 9, 2014
Hello all,

I am a survivor of this condition called Fibro, I am a disabled veteran, a mother and a daughter. Living with this condition some days makes every nerve in my body wanting to scream. Some say that it does NOT cripple or debilitate, but what do they know? They know nothing of every day function is hard and some days easy, but they know nothing of the pain and the struggle that buries you in this ever present burning that has you curled up in a fetal position, not able to move for a hour or two getting out of bed, the struggle that says I am going to fight this even if there is not an exact cure. First 10 yrs of this I could not endure the endless pain and doctors visits telling me it's all in my head until I finally found a doctor saying yes you have fibromyalgia. I cried in the car when I finally found the name, the culprit that put me into endless pain. It took me 8 yrs, 8 yrs to gain a diagnosis. I got diagnosed when most doctors did NOT believe in it, thought it was a mental disorder, but we know it to be apart of an auto immune problem that affects your nervous system and nerves. I am on a permanent pain narcotic because the drugs that are prescribed for it does not work on me. My neurologist told me that I am the 5% that nothing works except pain pills. In the last 5 yrs I managed to find things that are better to improve pain such as magnesium and 5 htp as well as diet. Thus far I have managed to lower my intake of pain pills but some days it's not easy.. So far this is my story and my introduction to you all. No one really understand the pain better than those who have it themselves, and the loss of my best friend to terminal illness has made me look to find others like me that struggles. I have hope that I will get off these damn pills and find something that will give me a functional life that is not tied to pills.

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