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Feb 4, 2013
I think for anyone who has fibro, the severe headaches can be scarier than the muscle pain. Often the medications used for migraine headaches has limited success and are difficult to take when one gets nausea with the headache.

Laying in a dark room with cold compresses sometimes helps to relieve the pain. But this can go on for days.

Some people are sensitive to MSG in the food, a favor enhancer or nitrates found in bacon and hotdogs, and other preserved meats.

Others are sensitive to artifical sweetners like Aspartame.

Many different foods can cause migraines in some people, like avocado and banana, cabbage and eggplant, pineapple and plums, potato and tomato, cheese and canned fish, wine and beer, aged or cured meat and yeast extract.

It is a good idea to keep a migraine diary for a few weeks to keep track of the foods you eat in relationship to the headaches you get, that way you can indentify the food items that cause your headaches.

Some have discovered that diet soda caused their migraines. For others it was alcohol.

Common food allergies can be caused by these foods: apple, beef, caffeine, cane sugar, corn, cow's milk, egg, fish, goat's milk, grapes, oats, onion, orange, peanuts, pork, rice, rye, soy, tea, tomato, walnuts, wheat, yeast, tartrazine, and benzoic acid.

Low-blood suger and fluctuating levels of estogen can cause headaches.

It might be know that some folks have gone for long periods thinking they had a migraine headache only to discover later on it was chronic sinusitis, or a sinus infection.

Final thoughts:

Keep a diary of foods you eat.

Note stress factors like changes in the climate, or in your work hours, or high-pitched sounds, or bright sunlight, or artifical light, staring at the tv to long, or your computer screen.

Put these things in your diary.

Eat regular meals to avoid low blood sugar.

Keep stress under control and exercise daily.
I have had headaches and migraine from a very early age. I think I was about seven the first time I remember my mum taking me to the docs about it.
Luckily I don't get the migraines all that often but the bad headaches never truly go away, they like to lurk in the background and tease me making me think they are going away only to bite my head off later. Keeps life interesting.
Keeping a diary or a jotter is a good idea to see if you find a pattern.
I get migraine a lot and tension ones as well i have fms for 2 years
A very informative piece. Again I will add some of my migraine experiences.

Two other triggers for migraine I found was hormonal and weather related.

The hormonal one is a killer, in my case it usually happens two days before my cycle starts. I have a bag of tricks that helps me in this case. Its is almost like a ritual, I start off medication, an Ibuprofen based pain killer (Brufen or Neurofen) and a Diclofenac based anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory somehow helps the most, but be sure to check the side effects first and ask your doctor if you can take it with your other medication. After the medication I down two cups of very strong coffee (can be a trigger in some cases) the coffee tends to dehydrate you a bit and as a result it lowers your blood pressure. After the coffee it is a tepid shower or bath, when your body cools down it tends to go into survival mode, this draws most of your blood supply to vital organs, and tends to relieve the pressure in your head. After the shower straight to bed, sleeping has the same effect as the shower, your system slows down and the blood are mostly directed to the vital organs.

When the weather is in play it is a whole different story as it is caused by an external factor it is not so easy to manage. My storm migraine is usually the result of a building storm, and I can even use it to tell the weather. I think the humidity combined with the fluctuating air pressure are the big culprits here. The only thing that works for me in this case is to sleep and wait for the storm to break, as soon as the storm starts my migraine vanishes.

Foods I avoid when having a migraine: meat (any form), bread and pastries, foods with a high oil content like nuts, butter and avocado. Basically I stick to foods that get digested quite quickly, I sometimes experience my digestion going to a standstill when I have a migraine and what is in my stomach just tends to stay there.
Weather bothers me the most ,stress is another it not as bad now i do take a prevent medication to not get as many but fm has not help i go to a doctor he knows alot about fm and migrains i manage to work full time and part time had to quit my weekend job to relax
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