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Jun 13, 2013
Hello. I am new in this forum, and looking forward to learning and sharing. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 7 years ago. I still work fulltime, but it is becoming more difficult as the days go by. I am currently aching all over. Almost every task is too much. I am having vision problems, and yet my eye exams are normal. My brain fog is now so frightening as I struggle to finish sentences. It is difficult to stay focus, and I worry about driving. However, I have a young child, and a sick mother to care for, so I have to keep fighting. At this point, I may have to resort to part time work as fulltime is proving to be too much. I am interesting in learning what have worked to help relieve the symptons for some of you. Thanks.
wow, you must be a strong lady to work fulltime w/fibro!
i was already on disability when the disease struck.
if you can afford part time work go for it and remember the brain fog (my belief) is not organic but a result of pain & tiredness
the only relief i get is from hydrocodone having tried all the non narcotic remedies.
fortunately i haven't had to increase the dose for the 2 years i've taken it and i'm pretty
clearheaded and don't feel high
hope you find an alternative to full time work and find a medicine that helps
just discovered this forum too and looking forward to sharing and learning more about
living with fibro...
I know that scared feeling of needing to work and yet finding your body is not responding as well as you need it too. Lots of stressfulness can add to the vision problems and brain fog. Sometimes the struggling to keep going adds to the confusion and mental fatigue.

I had my own housecleaning service and worked very hard every weekday trying to stay ahead of the bills and enjoy life. When fibro came into my life it took away my life as far as working was concerned. I struggled like you are but had to give up on job after another until my last person had me just mopping her floors. Finally that too had to stop because my arms and legs refused to work right and I was so fatigued all the time.
I applied for and finally got SSD.

So now I do little bits of writing from home and a few surveys to keep life interesting. I wish you all the best and hope you can hang on to your job as long as possible. Does your employer know about your fibro? Do they give you a bit of a break on your duties or provide some help during your day? I hope coming to this site will help you find some new friends, as well as, lots of coping skills. :)
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