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In November of 2004, I was taken to the emergency room with some kind of muscular break down. It took a total of three month to recuperate. I have never been the same since. I always drop my keys, hair brush, soap, utensils and dishes. Occassionally my hands and feet twitch, mainly when I get very tired. For the past few months I have started having a lot of pain in my knees and elbows. When I first got sick my body ached every where but I thought I was getting better. Lately it seems to be getting worse again. My right knee tends to not want to move when I walk. This is spontanious and I never know when it will happen until I almost fall. Twice I have fallen down but usually I catch myself. My doctors tell me it is all in my head but lately I have become very worried because I seem to be loosing stregnth. The other day I couldn't even open the toothpaste cap. I have had an MRI, EMG, and numerous of blood tests but they are all negetive. A few weeks ago I was making bracelets with my daughter and I kept dropping the beads and elastic. For no reason at all my hands just let go. Sometimes eating has become a problem because as I am putting my fork to my mouth it just falls right out of my hand. My body aches to the point that I don't want to function but I must because I have a daughter who I homeschool. I do not know what to do. I am not a doctor and I know it can be many other things but I am wondering if I have ALS. I have had these symptoms for many years but they were so mild and rear. Now they are very often and some daily. Do ALS symptoms get better then worse or does it constantly progress. What do you do when all test results are negetive? Do you just wait and see? It is really worring me especially since my symptoms seem to be getting worse?
Any helpful advise will be appreciated. :(
Hi Patty:
If you have concerns that you have ALS, the best thing to do is have your Dr. refer you to a Neurologist and ask directly. The MRI and EMG's are required to eliminate other disorders that may mimic ALS. ALS is diagnosed by eliminating everythign else! Some of your symptoms are common to ALS sufferers, others are not... only a qualified neurologist will determine that for sure.
While some PALS have reported a reversal of their symptoms, it is not the norm for most.
Good luck


Hi, I also have similar symptoms. My husband thinks I am crazy . I can not stop twitching. All of my tests were also normal.
Similar story for my husband. He was weak, and sometimes barely able to walk, always dropping things, twitching etc. Tests came back normal. There are so many illnesses out there, Often you can't know for sure, but it seems to be pointing at stress at this time. I work in the mental health field and would never say "it's all in your head". If your body is acting that weird, there is definitely something going on that needs to be addressed. My husband did some testing and meetings with a "neuro-psychologist" which I thought was really good. This doctor was able to look at his symptoms from both the medical and emotional perspective. Some of the tests are even quite scientific.

I'm only writing this to encourage people not to discount the possibility that it is stress/emotional related but to pursue all avenues. Also, don't feel bad if it turns out to not be a life threatening disease. There is so much stigma with mental/emotional illnesses I think sometimes we wish deep down that "something really is wrong". But, something still is "really" wrong if your body is acting that weird with no physical problems.

Okay, I hope that made sense and I don't mean to discount anyones symptoms. Like I said, that's a bit of what my husband and I went through this past year and nothing physical has presented itself so far, after quite a few tests. Either way, you are welcome here with this great group of people! -me-
Hi Patty Cake,
I dont know if this will be of any help to you at all but I have been suffering from fibro myalgia for over 13 years now. It started with just pain in all the pressure points in my body but has now progressed to the point where I do have muscle twitching to the point of spasms and cramping. I also drop things all the time and sometimes I have numbing in certain parts of my body. I am stiff all the time and find it even worse if I just lie around. When I was first diagnosed and thank goodness my Dr believes in fibro because there are so many practioners that dont... I was in complete denial. I told her she was full of horse puckey and they just told that to people when they couldnt find something wrong with them. Boy was I wrong! This disease does mimic a lot of others so it might be somethng you might look into. My sleep patterns are not great I have intestinal problems , headaches, facial twitching, I run into things all the time and my memorie isnt as good as it should be. I am on medication which has made a world of difference and I have been told I will have to be on it for the rest of my life because my brain does not produce enough Serotonin which causes the pain in my body. I just wanted to share this with you because you dont seem to be getting any results even though you have been run through so many tests. Best of luck and if it is fibro just keep on trucking it is the best medicine.
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I know of another lady that has roughly the same symptoms and has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She has good days and then other days can't even stand a sheet draped over her. Explore the possibilities and get more opinions if they can't pinpoint something.
Kim - I was just asking about you another thread! I'm sending you a PM. Melissa
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