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Jun 2, 2014
Hello group. This is my 1st time to the site. I guess some sleepless nights can be productive after all!

Quick background. I'm a 55 years OLD female. I was diagnosed with Fibro about 3 years ago and belief I've had it approximately 25 years, although I've kept it very controlled with only occasional flares that were short-lived with a few days of bed rest. That's not the case any longer. The last 3 years the flares have been extremely severe and much more often, but still not debilitating until about 9 months ago.

I started taking Lyrica on and off 3 years ago, just 50mg at bedtime, hydrocodone 5/325mg 1-2/ day as needed was added about 6 months ago and until last month I only took the hydrocodone on days I work (I'm a nurse and do 3 12hour shifts per week). They also increase my Lyrica to twice a day last month and some days I'm up to 3 hydrocodone each day, almost everyday just to get through the day - out of bed.

What I do NON- chemically. I've been totally gluten free for about a year and a half. I don't know if it's helped my Fibro, but it totally fixed my GERD and reflux ( which since both are connected to Fibro it has helped as a sidebar). I also eat very little sugar, except for Stevia and rarely drink sodas ( which was a lifetime addiction for me). I get bi-monthly massages, spend as many days as possible in the hot-tub (the days I don't work). I'm also trying to squeeze in some acupuncture when time and money allow and exercise when time and energy allow( which unfortunately has not been often lately). On days I work I barely have enough energy to drive the 10 miles home from the hospital where I do my 12 hour days, which start at 6:45am. If I work more than 2 of those in a row my days off are spent trying to get out of bed.

I have more back ground to fill in, but something I did today has sent me into the dark place and the pain is overwhelming and exhausting to be honest all this typing is wearing me out more (very ironic huh, I was looking for something helpful and possible cathartic and it's too much for me to handle). Anyway I'll try again another time.
I'm new to this site too. I understand trying to keep up with working 13 hour days. I used to do that as a casino cashier, until I got fired because ot my attitude. I get emotional when I'm stressed and in pain. Obviously since I have fibro that is every day. Anyway I only last a little over 3 years at it. I worked four on three off. Now I'm on Social Security Disability, It took three years and hiring a lawyer but I finally got approved. I just wish sometimes that I wouldn't have had to stop working. I miss my old life still, not to mention the friendships at work, they never seem to last. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel.
Sorry about you having to give up your work. I'm fighting everyday to hang in there. I have only five years left until full retirement with my company, but I really don't think I'll make it. I'm in the process now of trying to move to another department away from 12 hour shifts and direct patient care. You're right it's VERY hard sometimes to be pleasant when you're in such pain and so exhausted from dealing with it. So far I've been able to keep a smile on my face for my patients, but my co-workers have been noticing I look unhappy and in pain a lot.

I wish you all the best of luck and keep the good thoughts.
I know the feeling of giving up what you love, all I can offer is my support. Welcome to the forum :)
I was finally diagnosed a week ago but believe I've had fibro for a couple years. I'm a hairdresser and work 10 hour days. It really takes a toll.on my body. So I understand... I started taking lyria last week 50mg once a day it's helped me a lot except for today. I'm supposed to up the lyrica tomorrow to 2xday I hope it helps. I also have hydrocodone 10/325 the dr put me on before being diag. She also said to take it if the lyrica wasn't enough but I'm worried about taking both so today I'm suffering. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.. Hope you feel better
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