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Mar 27, 2013
i am not sure if I am suffering from acute anxiety or the beginning of fibromyalgia.
can anybody please advise.

For the past two months I have been suffering form:

White coated tongue

Sleep disturbance. I can sleep no longer than 2-4 hours and then cannot go back to sleep. I don't wake up with pain

I wake up with extreme anxiety it seems to subside after midday

Burning sensations in soles of feet and palms of hands and now upper back. Not painful like mild sunburn.

occasional sore eyes

I did have bladder problems but they seem to have gone since switching to an alkaline diet

I dont have IBS but my bowel habits have changed.

I don't have any extreme pain nor pain in any of the tender points.

No headaches

Some brain fog but could this be to to with lack of sleep?

I am so worried. I have been on the internet constantly. My symptoms seem to coincide with extreme anxiety (except the white tongue). I am worried my anxiety is causing the symptoms.

Or that this is the start of fibromyalgia and my symptoms will get worse.

has anybody experienced this?

PS I did not have an accident prior to this. Some stress but nothing out of the ordinary.
Nobody in my family has fibromyalgia although my Mother ghas Lupus which has been in remission for many years.
Might see a doctor about that white coating on your tongue and ask about possible candida overgrowth.
Candida symptoms
The forums can be kind of slow at times, especially during the middle of the US night/pre-dawn UK hours.

I thought I'd posted, but for some reason it doesn't appear to have shown up.

My suggestion, especially as you aren't experiencing pain (which is one of the MAJOR symptoms for Fibromyalgia) but are showing a white coating on your tongue, is to see a doctor and ask about Candida.
Ah, so it is. ANYWAY!. I tried to post a response with a link earlier and it was a no go, as it was just now. The board isn't a high-traffic board. You first asked your question at 1am CST (6am GMT) most people (unless they are dealing with insomnia, like me) are asleep, so please be patient.

That said, with the presence of a white-coated tongue and a lack of pain, I'd suggest talking to a doctor about a possible issue with candida. You can google "candida symptoms" and see that many of those that you list are possible with a candida issue.
Thank you for replying. Sorry didn't realise it was 1am for you north Americans. I am from the UK.
Don't you think it is FM then?
I am so anxious about it. I can't sleep and my heart is racing all the time.
I though a white tongue was a sign of FM. Or that burning sensations in the feet and hands could be initial symptoms.
I have not had any pain whatsoever.
lastly, I started my period today and as usual had no menstrual cramping (is severe cramping also a sign of FM).
To be honest if you have no pain I doubt it's Fibro. Other things can give you the other symptoms you listed. Please don't worry yourself silly self diagnosing, see a doctor. If nothing else but to rule things out. It may just turn out to be a vitamin imbalance or a mild allergic reaction to something. The white on the tongue thing I've had most of my life and any tests I had showed I was fine just get a bit of buildup of gunk due to the fact I smoke and drink lots of tea. So please don't get in a tizzy till you know exactly what you are tizzying over ok.

So get to the quacks.. ask for a crap load of blood tests to check vitimins and minerals and general blood health, things like blood sugar and thyroid. Your thyroid being out of whack can do all kinds of things like anxiety and weird temperature stuff.
Hope it helps
Right now I would say you have a bad case of anxiety over minor complaints. If your not having pain most likely it is not fibro. I agree with the above opinions of sulablue and twiztc. You need to visit your family doctor and have some blood tests done and stop right now, trying to self-diagnosis your condition.

I read once where medical students end up self-diagnosising themselves after studying about different medical conditions. They envision themselves with all kinds os symptoms matching horrible conditions and worry that their on the edge of death. So not to make you feel bad or embarressed by your worrying, but it serves you no good purpose without knowing for sure your even sick.

You mentioned being on a alkaline diet. This can help bring on candida like symptoms, as our bodies need an even balance between acid and alkaline. When we made ourselves more toward one or the other, something is going to happen, such as urine infections or candida. Both can be corrected with proper diet or medication.

So stop worrying so much. Your going to be just fine. Check out some of the forum topic's that deal with pain, only because there are some great relaxing tips that you could try to calm yourself with. I really hope you feel better soon. :)
It may be panic attacks. They can come on for no reason at all sometimes. And if you are having alot of anxiety maybe this is the case. But I agree, you really need to see a doctor. Because self diagnosing will only make you more anxious and worried. I hope things get better for you.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me.
I think I have got my self in a bit of a muddle. Going to try and think positive.
The white coated tongue - thrush? Which I believe is basically an overgrowth of candida albicans. Try searching on those. Most traditional docs treat the immediate symptom, but systemic approaches are better. An overgrowth of candida can affect your bowels.
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