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Jun 9, 2013
I was recently diagnosed with Fibro after being a Massage therapist full time for nearly 10 years and owning my own spa for 6.5 years. Problem is we didn't have enough employee's so now I got carpal tunnel and Fibro diagnosed almost at the same time and even after the surgery I am not recovering. I have applied for disability about 3 months ago and am still waiting to hear if I qualify so I will post when I know. I also have been diagnosed with severe depression from it all. I tried to go back to work but am not able to handle the job anymore. I am sad, depressed and downtrodden because Massage was my passion and my love. My general practitioner told me that I was lazy and blames everything that happens in my body on my fibro so I almost didn't get diagnosed with the carpal tunnel by my severe migraines were getting so bad she sent me to the neurologist and first thing he noticed was the carpal and sent me in for nerve testing. Boy, having the diagnoses isn't any easier than not. I thought that having a name for what I was going through would be helpful but all the doctors say is we want you to keep active. They won't even renew my disability parking permit now. It was a life saver on my bad days when I had to go to the store for my 2 kids and my hip and leg were not wanting to behave I could get in and out again. Now I feel that I will stay home more and not want to be active. They tried every medicine in their little cabinet and nothing could be tolerated by my body. I was so sick from each of them that my Psychiatrist actually said that she couldn't do anything else for me and took me off everything and sent me home in tears. So now I see just the neurologist who put me on topamax for my migraines which for now is helping but increases my brain fog and does nothing for the fibro. So that is a little about me and what I am dealing with and why I am seeking a place to meet others who may be going through what I am. My husband is very helpful and understanding but it is hard because we both run our business so now without me as the main income source we are really struggling and can't find a buyer for it.
Welcome to the forum. I faced what your going through daily until I was diagnosised and then after. The problem is while many doctor's will diagnosis fibro, most don't really believe it exists. So you get the diagnosis from one, and the next doctor puts in your records that he thinks your lazy and there goes your credibility right out the window.

i am allegic to most of the medications and so I just use over-the-counter drugs to manage the pain. I am on Neurontin and it works good for me. Most people who take it only take it when in pain, which of course does not help much because it is a short length drug, meaning it must be taken regularly everyday to keep a steady supply in your system.

There are lots of things you can do without drugs, like certain bedding items and warm water baths with epson salt in the water. You can relax with hobbies or watching movies, you can watch your diet and continue to exercise by slow walking. If you read in the pain management sections you will find lots of helpful ideas on fibro management.

Be sure to ask questions and add answers to others questions. Visit the pub and tea time and add about your day in the Good Day to You section.
I usually respond to anyone who writes there as well as all around the board. Look forward to getting to know you better through your posts. :)
Took me a while to figure out how to navigate back to things I was replying to. My fog and cognitive problems have been worse now. Thanks for replying.
I used to be the strong one helping people but now I feel lost. Losing your career takes a lot of your self worth with it when it was your passion. I wish the doctors would just ask the nurses. Most of them were my clients per this onset and they could all vouch for my hard working attitude.
Hello MassageGnome,

Hey, I understand totally.

Do you live in a big city or smaller town? Cuz, I would think you could find a good fm doctor. Psych doctors have no idea how fm affects us, in my opinion.

Do you know anyone personally who has fm, cuz that always helps to talk to someone who REALLY understands.

I don't know what state you live in, I know disability is different in every state, but I'm thinking about applying for it myself. I have a friend that is on disability for fm. She gave me the name of the lawyer she used and doctor.

Do you take pain meds for your carpal tunnel? Can you massage at all?
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