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Aug 3, 2013
Hi, I'm very new to this website and have no clue how to work it.
But I'd just like to say that I've very recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm 18 years old and living in Ireland, its not the warmest here and my pain is terrible with the cold. It has taken 6 years to get a diagnosis. It's getting harder to cope with. It has affected my school and college badly. My mam, dad and boyfriend are amazing support for me, but I'd like to be able to talk with someone who lives with it, and knows how bad it can be! I'm struggling to sleep again, even when taking sleeping tablets. The pain is worsening too. I'm struggling alot with having fibro, which is why I signed up on this, just to know I'm not the only one when I have a rough day! <3
Hello-I am new here too . I have ME-CFS plus fibromyalgia, but the fibro recently intensified to an insane degree.

One of the reasons I am very interested in NikkiGrogan's post (above) is that I had my first "warning" about fibro when I was 16. That was way back in 1967. The problem? The soft tissue of the inside of the elbow would hurt so much I thought my arm would break. No doctor had a clue what to do. In 1980, I had the first of what became a march of 12,000 daily migraines. After all that, plus the diagnosis of ME/CFS-Fibro, a raft of medications have failed for so long that I could have given birth and put a kid through college. (I haven't had migraines for several months--don't know how that will last, but I'm living in the moment).

Nikki, I think anyone with fibro can can imagine the pain you endure, and 18 is much, much too young for this to strike. I am so sorry. But I can only say that in my life with all this pain, I maintained a career in the arts -- my progress was slow, but I DID progress--and I had loving friends and family cheering me on, rubbing my feet and doing anything they could. At that least you've been struck at a time there is a name for this thing we call "fibromyalgia" and drug companies trying to find us something that soothes. Not much comfort, I know, but it's something. I know how lonely it can be, but internet forums, when you find one where you're comfortable, are a godsend. Also, fibro can "wax and wane" and you can do a lot when it wanes, and appreciate it more because it comes as a gift.

And proof that all fibros are individual--the coldness of Canada, where I live, doesn't affect my pain. Strange, huh?

For myself, I feel four things: gratitude that I have toughed it out to a time when not nearly enough is being done, but at least the effort has improved--gratitude to my friends--anger at the friends who have not come through--and the impulse, when I'm lying on the bed or sofa (too often, this is most of the day or all of it) to let out a scream.

Such is life. At my age (62) it's better than the alternative.
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Hi Nikki. I'm Phil, I'm new here too and I also live in Ireland so I know all about the cold winters here and the effects they can have. I have fibromyalgia too and I'm going through hell with it. My body aches constantly but all the doctors I've been to say I'm fine. So why the pain?! I feel like I've broken every bone in my body sometimes. Ugh! The mental aspect of fibromyalgia is just as bad as the physical side. You beat yourself up because you feel lazy for wasting all day sitting around nursing a headache. It's really frustrating. Are you taking any meds for your pain?
Hello! I'm new to this group too, but not new to Fibro. We have something in common because I've had fibro since I was young too. I had symptoms since 3rd grade (I remember having chronic pain since then, sometimes severe) and it progressively got worse and worse, and I was formally diagnosed when I was 19 years old. I'm 28 now. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. If you ever want to talk to someone who knows the specific struggles of being "sick" with fibro in your teens, I'm here for you.
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