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Aug 11, 2014

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for a few years now, and have it pretty under control with the use of 60mg Cymbalta. I was told by a nurse friend that she read that your thyroid might have something to do with Fibro so I went to get it checked. Came back normal, but my iron levels were drastically low. I was referred to a gastro doc and have gotten an upper endoscopy done and turns out I have gastritis. I fear this is due to my long term use of cymbalta. Not only do I have gastritis, but my love life has diminished (which i fear is a side effect as well). I have no sexual drive, which my husband is not fond of. Due to this and gastritis, I fear that the Cymbalta might be doing me more harm than good and am thinking that I need to find a more holistic approach to my treatment. I of course dread trying other drugs or supplements and the pain and distress I will cause myself finding new treatment.

Is there anyone out there like me who Cymbalta worked for better than other drugs, who doesn't necessarily have any IBS or digestive problems (minus the gastritis)? My main pain isn't necessarily all over pain, but more shoots of pain to particular parts of the body. Sometimes I do have period where my back, or my knee, or wrist hurt for a week at a time. It is usually the week before my menstrual cycle. I just feel like I have a different Fibro than others, even my mom. I need to find someone who has similar fibro like me, and found something else that worked so I have enough guts to go off my Cymbalta. Is there anyone like me out there?
Cymbalta helps me too. I want to go off it but don't have the guts yet. If SOMETHING, anything would just have some sort of pattern to it I could access what may help or not. I lost 68 lbs. last year and am keeping it off but for 10 lbs., (up and down), but now ready to hit it again for more weight loss. I concentrate on eating low carb and organic as much I can, as I believe the body has a great capacity to heal itself if given the nutrients and time.
A big set-back has been 2 surgeries this year and one more to come before insurance runs out. The surgeries did not, surprisingly, cause a flare-up, but the long recuperations have promoted some depression , and of course added some specific pain. My main complaints are extreme fatigue-exasperated by the Cymbalta, and a 24/7 drug patch for chronic pain, and pain, pain, pain.
Recently I read up on SamE and it sounds like it does everything the Cymbalta does. ?
I was prescribed Cymbalta but knew i couldn't take it due to stomach problems. I take Gapapentin and have recently
been put on a pain patch. I would love to think I could control this organically...but alas, I don't, besides fibro I have
Crohn's and frankly got tired of the pain.
Best wishes to you, I will advise you to find another med as Cymbalta will cause stomach problems including ulcers.
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