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Feb 10, 2013
Hi, im 22 and i find out the ive got Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos 2 yrs ago but ive had pains for 14 yrs that go with fibro, none of the doctors figured out wat i had. I also have Depression, IBS, Hernia, problem with bad cramping, hayfever and allergies, having to much acid in my stomach, Migraines, anxiety and panicing and problems with sleeping and eating. Has u can tell ive got alot of things wrong for my age but its all ive known for yrs, i try not to let it bring me down but sometimes its hard.
Im friendly but shy, caring, understanding, funny, thrustworthy person. I love hanging out with my family, reading books, playing with my cats. I dont really go out on my own cos of my anxiety and that i get scared. Ive only just got my first boyfriend the last 4 and 1/2 months and he has been learning about my illnesses as we go. Its hard for me to make friends because of the way other people think and look at me when they find out that ive got illnesses. Id like to make friends on this site who has or understand what im going through, it would be nice to talk to someone who knows how i feel and i hope that i can talk and help anyone too. :D
Re: life with having illnesses !?!

Welcome to the forum Lilly-mae. I am sure you will find lots of folks that have the same problems and illnesses that you have. Jump in and ask questions and share your opinions and concerns, with others. Everyone here understands when you speak about fibro and pain, fear and depression, losing friends because they don't understand your illness. I am glad to hear you have a boy friend, who can provide you with support and understanding. I hope you will continue to come here and do posting around the forum. I look forward to reading those posts and perhapes answering your questions. I hope you had a good day. :)
Re: life with having illnesses !?!

I feel terrible for you, to be so young with so many hurdles. I like your spirit though, and I think that's so important. To keep your head up in the face of adversity. Yes, it's hard, but that's something everyone can relate to on some level, because life is hard.

Have you tried anything for your anxiety? Anxiety on top of everything else can be difficult, especially if it starts to make you a shut in at such a young age in life. I would keep an eye on anxiety and make sure it doesn't get worse, and if it does, that before you're too afraid to leave your house often that you've reached out to a doctor.

Welcome by the way Lilly-mae :)
Re: life with having illnesses !?!

Hi, ive seen a psychiatrist for a little while and he sent my to Outlook SW, to talk to someone about my anxiety but not yet had appointment. I have always wanted to shut myself from the world but my mom wouldnt let me, went to the doctors and they put it down to depression. Ive been ill since i was 9 yrs old and people couldnt understand why i wanted to be left alone, none of my friends understood what i was going those, sometimes i didnt understand. I also have 2 younger brothers and a sister and they all thought i was basically making it up, so did the teachers and the doctor i was seeing as a kid. I hated not being listen too and sometimes i still do and my anxiety doesnt help me at all, little things can set it off.

Do u suffer with anxiety? If do what helps u? Id like it if i could talk with u about it and some of the other stuff that fibro causes. :D
Yes, I too suffer from anxiety. It is something that having had someone trained to deal with it really helps, more so if it is keeping you from enjoying life. Usually my anxiety appears when I am under too much stress or when something totally unexpected happens. I get shaky and nervous and can not deal with anything. Now, what I do is try to resolve the issue at hand, or I just take a day off to reflect and pray, relax and remember coping skills I learned from counselling. However, I do not allow myself to hide away from people, because the more you hide the harder it is to get back out with other people. It takes courage to fight fears of anxiety and get your life going again. it is kind of like falling off a horse, if you don't get right back on, you might never ride that or anyother horse again. So in the case of anxiety, it is important to calm yourself and then face your fear. And most times you will find it is never as bad as we think it is and a sense of relief and joy will follow when you step outside your box and enjoy life in the company of friends again.
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