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Sep 30, 2016
I was diagnosed with FM yesterday by a rheumatologist. This was after months of testing by my GP for the extreme fatigue and brain fog. I chalked the pain up to 'overdoing it' because everything started in April, when I began doing more outside yard work. A friend asked if I had considered the fatigue/brain fog and pain being connected and I had not. I took that theory to my GP Wednesday and she was concerned enough to get me to the rheum yesterday. He was nice enough, but when I asked him what I could do to help with environmental/food triggers, he said nothing and that it didn't work like that. I knew that wasn't necessarily the case from research I had done on a previous autoimmune diagnosis. I, very reluctantly, agreed to 30mg of Cymbalta as I had seen the side effects on friends. I've made an appointment with another, female rheum for a second opinion, but here's my question. After staring at that Cymbalta capsule for about 2 hours, I ate something and took it. It's about 2.5 hours later now and I feel like I've eaten ecstasy or some other drug in that family and not in a good way. I'm having nausea, dizziness, hot and cold flashes, and fluttery eyes. Is this normal?
Welcome holly 0514, I'm sorry i haven't been in here in a while but I do wish I had seen this when you posted. By now I'm sure you have discussed this with the Doctor, but in case it helps...I had the same response to lyrica and that was it for me.
if you are still taking the cymbalta have the nasty side affects cleared any?
i had to stop Cymbalta after 4 days. You may want to google it and look up "cymbalta withdrawls" bc they are pretty horrific. i decided the side effects weren't worth it for me, not to mention the hell that other people have suffered when trying to come off it.
Cymbalta is Poisen. " for me"
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