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Apr 6, 2015
i dont open up or like to share about myself!


i love electronics rebuilding fixing computers networking home stereo setup

used to fix older tvs wiring house hold things repairing washers dryers

all appliances.

i can you tube most anything then fix it my adhd is a blessing not a curse

my dad is regular add mild and a rocket scientist he made the sensing and

control system for dell computer assembly conveyors he rebuilt his motorcycle

in our basement tore it apart after a accident and rebuilt it!

i can do most house repairs building add ons etc just cant measure

i like wielding my favorite is electronics and fixing cars i love cars!

i just love working with my hands the feeling of building repairing

instead of destruction saving things from scrap or that were


i love spending the day collecting quotes for my collection

i keep 30 or so pages by now!


classical, instrumental, modern, rock, most all but some of the funny rap

songs, comedy music, dr demento, bob and tom weird al a very wide

variety of music

my favorite has always been helping people!

at one church i ran a out reach for single moms and low income!

we repaired there cars free trying to keep them running so they

can keep jobs and other important things church cut the budget

so at time i had to take out of my pocket for parts if we couldn't

Jerry rig it to keep it going!

i ran my own pc business off and on for years never made enough

to keep it going wife always got mad for giving pcs and other things


not bragging no matter how it sounds was just a highlight

of things i liked broke down on the roads i just love helping

people how i was raised you do without looking for reward

the needs of others out weigh mine just because

the world has decided the new attitude of screw you

i cant its not in me!

the outdoors is so wonder full i love going to parks and walk or sit

and watch the animals there's a cell tower that the hawks love

perch on i watch for hours the take off and just glide so amazing

they just glide almost never using flapping there wings amazing

beautiful animals!

i have almost died more times than i can count the last one a year

ago my doc gave me to much methadone and i went to bed normal

thats all i remember till waking in the ER man they use ice cold crap

to revive you they said 5 min or less i would have been dead but the wife

found me!

except for bad days and depression it gives you a new look a new shine on life

you see smell everything is so much more to experience and new

i used to take troubled youth from a church i went to!

take them to a large park in my area teach then survival, mostly conflict

resolution and team work the park was not well maintained which maid

it better for this like the stream the crossing stone were mostly gone

i would go across and make them with out help get across! just said

are you done fighting acting up and ready to work together or is this

going to take all day? it was trying but fun to do. i liked working with

kids was a bus monitor lunchroom monitor i was the only bus

monitor who could handle the high school kids got me lots of over time!

me and my dad took motorcycle trips all over the place there's nothing

to compare to a motorcycle wide open view no windows to block things

it was the best makes me want a bike today they have those special

spyder bikes 3 wheels automatic heated seats my wife has never been

on a bike i wish i could afford one get here to just take a bunch of days

off and go touring just ride no purpose or destination just drive just roam

leave everything but cells at home just freedom no technology except

the bike the helmets have blue tooth head sets talk to each other

radio phones gps lots of helmet choices nowadays they have third brake

light on the helmet, some have a reverse camera to show whats behind,

some heads up display and i like the full face that the face flips open and

it has a sun visor built in turn a knob on the side and the black sun visor

drops down when i was on a bike the whole helmet had to be torn apart

to swap to a sun visor for the clear allot of work!

i just love life and since my 20s gave up people and gained immense freedom

and peace just let the real me out screw those who cant look past my flaws

i just to have fun and get carried away at times crap happens to much of a game

of beg and grovel and plead i said hell no you email me or whatever a forum

talk to me or whatever i dont sweat the petty anymore the internet is to much

of a high school and i refuse to go back to high school and childish behavior

or treating and ignoring people me you decide to get to know me honer

respect loyalty people nowadays abuse ans twist the friend and love word

to be meaningless worthless a friend is always there loyal me im old school

if anyone ever dug deep enough to meet the real me (yea right lmao)

i dont judge i dont do to much to lis that most never do im always there

and reliable when in need i dont screw people!

i have severe sleep apnea along with insomnia an other sleep problems im on

a sleep machine being on disability i get these thousand or so machines free!

and i get free supplies 3 months and 6 months hose, mask, water tank, filters!

it helps my fibro so much i went 3 years with the wrong one and wow the difference!

i love trying to help and educate people on fibro and how to deal with a spouse or

a spouse who left them for there disorder because my ex said she was to young to have a sick

husband so she screwed the town and had her boyfriend beat me with a steel bar

so i like trying to help fibro relationship because i have been through it and

i know from my current relationship what we tend to do wrong with our spouses!

very sorry move this if you want i guess this has turned into a biography of types!

sorry and sorry to bore you i guess i let more than i like out!

i have had fibro and chronic pain and fatigue my whole life i have a gland dying and

calcifying in my brain always had headaches and pass out migraines

take care have fun


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Nov 3, 2013
well done my brother!


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Apr 6, 2015
thanks to long to read lamo should have broke it up in to responses ooops wait i think sweets gave my edit buttons back i can try to fix it lets see it if makes

the group more happy if i can do it ?
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