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Apr 18, 2015
Arkansas (AR)
Hello all I am Jacquelyn Biggs or angelgirl2345 on most if not all sites xD you can call me Jacquelyn or angel, either works. I do not mind my name used on sites. I am 25 and live in the town of Paris, Arkansas. I have been suffering with fibromyalgia like symptoms for over 5 years now. I have not been properly diagnosed, just my rheumatologist says I have fibromyalgia like symptoms lol.

My symptoms are:
Daily headaches usually at the back of the head.
All over pain to where all you have to do is poke me and its throbbing terribly especially in my ribs, back, and arms. Back pain is excruciating when it triggers bad after something, same with my hands
Insomnia, hence the title of this thread lol
Low immune system. I have reoccurring UTIs, reoccurring ear infections, and currently I have a staph infection, all over skin infection (folliclitis or however you spell it) and a horrible cough.
Nausea and vomiting
Brain fog
Digestive problems
Sensitivity to light, scent, and noise as well as temperature. I'm easily too hot or too cold.
Terrible balance.
Irregular heartbeat and heart palpitations
Easy motion sickness

Sadly I live with my parents, my pain is pretty severe and I'm allergic to all anti-inflammatories making it more difficult to help with it. I have to take effexor for mine and hydrocodone when it has me in tears but I try not to let it affect me too terribly much. Mostly I ignore it since exercise does little for me lol I do physical therapy exercises for a little over an hr along with walking daily. My parents say "push through the pain" but any time I do something too physically straining I end up incredibly nauseous as well and unable to do more. I have had to quit many jobs and college because of this. I have no clue on how some of you manage work xD I can't even really drive any more...

One thing I can do though is art. Though I can no longer hardly use pencils, I can paint and I love painting on canvas shoes and creating digital art with my intuos tablet. I don't really make a lot doing so but 25 dollars a month is more than nothing at all really lol makes me proud despite the amount. My dream had been to be an illustrator but I could not finish college to do so ;; I also have days I can not color at all. Here's an example of what I can do.


That being said, other than art and playing Minecraft on my desktop, cleaning, ect I'm bored most of the time since I can literally only leave my house if my parents take me somewhere and that's normally to the Dr lol so I chat online a lot with friends I've made online. Its not their fault either, I just live in the worst place ever in what I like to call the middle of nowhere where the place to be is Walmart lol

I have pets too. 2 cats, one of which is my special needs cat, Digit, and my other cat is Asher. I have a Pomeranian named Cooper, and a chinchilla who is 14 years old named Critter. Without them, I would probably be very lonely though I have hopes still of one day moving and being a part of normal society again lol and now you know all about me. I guess I could add my favorite color is purple xD
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angelgirl2345, im sorry i didnt see this post sooner to reply. im not sure why it took so long. it might have been the link you put out there.
we are glad you are here with us. not glad you have the pain.

your reuhmy would know if its fibro. has he/she ruled out skin lupus? you would need a skin biopsy to do so.

keep painting and check into online classes for the illustrator interest. apply for a job that does that too.
you maybe able to work it from home.

PJ also paints. you might want to msg her and chat some on that to get both your minds off of the pain.

the family telling you to push through the pain: have them wear a clothes pin and tell them to try and push through the pain. see how far they get with that.
they dont understand your pain and never will unless they can experience it for themselves.

if they dont want to try the clothes pin then tell them not to judge on something they have no idea about.

sorry this kinda thing with family im hearing way to often.

may you have many low pain days ahead of you!
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