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Mar 22, 2013
Hi everyone! I am 60 years old, was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in June of 2011, sent to a specialist who further diagnosed me with Fibro in Nov of that year. Prior to that my GP put me on Arthrotec, then Celebrex, sent me to a psychiatrist (pain specialist) & a neurologist, to no avail. The first rheumy gave me prednisone shots in my shoulder (as that was my first pain that sent me to emerg & afterwards could not move it at all) That did nothing. I changed my rheumy who put me on Plaquenil, which I was very allergic to & broke out in severe hives all over my body. This past Sept 2012, with both shoulders now in excruciating pain & very limited range of movement, an MRI showed signs of inflamed bursa... so the new rheumy gave me a cortisone shot in both shoulders. What a relief! It's not a permanent fix & can't be given regularly for the pain, but has sure helped for the last 7 months! My right knee & left foot are now starting to ache on a daily basis, so will be heading back to the rheumy again soon. He tells me that methetrexate is the next medication in the line of defence, but I have decided to put that off as long as possible because of the side effects of that drug. My pharmacist suggested a number of vitamins that I should be considering (V-D, V-B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Omega 3 & I also take Caltrate Plus due to my advancing years). We also have an outdoor pool & a jacuzzi tub, which I use regularly to keep moving. I've learned my physical limits, when to stop & rest when I need to. My frustration comes with my doctors not being willing to sign any disability papers for me, as they say they can't prove "severe and prolonged" as required by our CPP disability here in Canada. I will never work again as I can't sit for long, stand for long or even sleep for long.. so also suffer severe fatigue at times. Thankfully I have a totally understanding husband, altho he doesn't understand the disease. I have learned to accept my diagnosis, have learned to pace myself to keep moving when needed, have educated myself & have experimented on what works for me when needed. But still learning new things everyday!
ponooch - Welcome aboard!

RE: No doctor signing diability, are you keeping a log? I'm keeping a sleep log to show how bad my insomnia. In it I am also keeping track of what my morning blood glucose levels are (so I can tell if different medications affect them. They've dropped significantly since starting up on gabapentin. My Endo will be THRILLED). I'm also keeping track of any side effects of other medications (weird, vivid dreams since starting Wellbutrin for depression) and how I would rate my pain at waking. An activity log may be helpful as well, including what activity you did and what the resulting pain/easing of pain was. It's a hassle, but even just a month's worth of data may be useful.
I am glad you have received some relief with those shots! Hopefully, you can find something that will ease things on a more long term basis... Trial and error, isnt it wonderful? lol

Anyways, it is nice to meet you and look forward to sharing stories in the future:)
I wanted my doc to do disability paper just for the tax credit. I dont want to stop working just a little relief from the extra payout of all the pills and traveling. he wont even do that coz he says they will refuse me anyway. What kind of help is that? i would have thought he would have at least tried just for a tax credit for goodness sake.
oh well
Oy, twiztc! Are any of your specialists willing?
I only have him at the moment. I just got a new family doctor and I haven't seen her enough yet to broach the subject. She the one that won't even prescribe my pain meds.
Poonoch52, First off welcome to the forum. I am glad to hear that some of the shots are helping you with your pain. Dealing with pain is the hardest symptom that any illness can throw at you and the hardest one to have to cope with daily. i think sometimes doctors are not willing to sign for disability because they know how hard it is to get it and if you are working then they want to hold out until you can not work anymore. But for your own sake, keep your own records and have the doctors at least document in their records the problems that effect you the most. And get copies of your medical records from your doctors, that way you know how they are leaning in your behalf.

Now, just know doctors have a way of writing stuff up that sounds worse then it is. I always hated the she complains about this or today is complaining about that. It used to make my blood boil, boy was I mad, cause I was not a complainer. But I soon leaned the word complain is a regular normal medical term. We all have health issues that we complain to our doctors about. lol

Anyways, I will get off my soap box now and just say the more documentation you have over the years helps build your case for disability. And the longer you can work the bigger your payment will be. So don't ask the doctor for it until your close to not working at all, and then he will be more willing to fight to help you. :)
1sweed - You are s right about the "complaint" thing. It really is a "technical term" and not a judgement! I've even seen intake forms that you fill out that ask "What is you complaint today?" or something along those lines.
Hi! Thanks for the response & yes... I've been keeping a medical log since this all started. Keeping track of all appointments, testing, medications, outcomes, reactions & responses. I haven't worked since June 2011. My last job was as cafeteria helper/cook at our local high school where I also served the dishes to the students. I was laid off in June, end of the school year & was never called back in Sept. And I know it was because I had tried to put a claim thru WSIB, as emergency had diagnosed me with a pinched nerve, tendonitis & carpal tunnel. The claim was denied so I exhausted my EI claim & EI sick benefits, which ended in March 2012. At that time I applied for my early CPP, which I have been receiving since turning 60 in Sept 2012. That acceptance letter also said I had 15 months to file for any disability, which is when I asked my doctors to sign & none of them would do it for me... citing the fact that they couldn't prove "severe & prolonged", & something about it being early in my treatment plan & that something might work in the future. Well the only meds they have me on is the Co-meloxicam (an anti-inflammatory), which does keep the major flare ups at bay, (for the most part)... but really isn't doing anything for the daily aches & pains! I know I will never return to work as I can't sit, stand or be that active for hours, let alone a full day. I don't sleep well, so my fatigue level is very high! I have another appointment in the coming week with both my GP & my rheumy about pain & swelling in my left foot that is becoming debilitating, so I shall ask them again. I have all the paperwork filled out & ready to sign. Just keeping my fingers crossed. My GP continually tells me that he has a patient who he referred to a rheumy for RA & she is now back to work & playing her sports... he is hopeful this will happen to me! But I also have Fibro, that pain never goes away! I can barely walk, barely do my housecleaning, barely shower & get myself dressed some days... & he really thinks I'll get back into my sports? I did play darts, baseball & X country skiing... not anymore! Never again!
ponooch, Thanks for the update. I will be praying that you get them to sign the paperwork. I had one doctor of whom I ask for his help and in the office he said nothing was wrong and just having fibro would not help me get disability. However, from the records he submitted to my lawyer and SSD, he said my condition was real and my ability to work was next to nothing, and so he was my best supporter on paper. But in the office he was rude and mean.
Glad to hear your pain is not really bad right now in some areas of your body. I know RA can be a bear, but fibro is as well. Keep your chin up girl, and I hope a few doctors start paying attention and sign the papers.
I wanted my doc to do disability paper just for the tax credit. I dont want to stop working just a little relief from the extra payout of all the pills and traveling. he wont even do that coz he says they will refuse me anyway. What kind of help is that? i would have thought he would have at least tried just for a tax credit for goodness sake.
oh well

Twiztc: > As far as I know you must already have your disability to be able to get that Canadian Disability Tax Credit... without that, you can get the credit!
I got a disabled parking ticket
Please forgive me for asking, but what does a disabled parking ticket look like? Is on crutches? lol
I am sorry my sense of humor gets the best of me sometimes. I hope those who need the help get the help they need from their doctors. I think the hard part is right now so many people are applying for disability that they are overwhelmed and can't keep up with the demand. So they turn down more and more folks who really need help. The best you can do is keep appealing the decision and keep filling out the paperwork, and don't give up. :)
The bugger of it is I don't want to get on disability, I want to carry on working, I don't need any payment from welfare, all I want is the piddly tax break!
You don't need to apologize for the humour Sweeds..
I got an upside down handicapped sign behind my desk and I wrote the caption "operating under the influence of prescribed drugs" :)
you gotta laugh
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